21 Pictures that Prove Jeollanam-do is the Most Underrated Region of South Korea

Damyang's Juknokwon (Bamboo Garden) | © Yeongcheol Lee / Flickr
Damyang's Juknokwon (Bamboo Garden) | © Yeongcheol Lee / Flickr

Situated in the southwestern corner of South Korea, Jeollanam-do is the country’s greenest and least developed province. Blanketed in rolling hills and towering mountains, and bordered by a coastline of thousands of charming islands, the area is famous for its gorgeous landscapes, fresh seafood, and traditional festivals. We think Jeollanam-do is by far the nation’s most underrated region; find out why in the photos below.

A soft symphony of light plays across the skies as sun sets over Yeosu’s Jasan Park | © travel oriented / Flickr

The Big-O at Yeosu Expo Park during the World Expo 2014 | © travel oriented / Flickr

Hanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu | © Aiena Zahira Daim / Flickr

Yeosu is widely known for its delicious seafood, including gejang, raw crab in soy sauce | © LWYang / Flickr

Almost one third of Korea’s tea farmland is located in Boseong and nearly half of all green tea production in Korea comes from the area | © Craig Rohn / Flickr

Yeongchon Reservoir near the Boseong tea fields | © Craig Rohn / Flickr

Boseong’s verdant green tea fields | © Yeongcheol Lee / Flickr

Suncheon awakens with color at the Suncheon Bay Garden Expo | © Jaewoong Choi / Flickr

Suncheon Bay, the ecological capital of Korea | © Yeongcheol Lee / Flickr

Songgwangsa Temple in Suncheon | © Heui Jong Kim / Flickr | © Heui Jong Kim / Flickr

Songgwangsa Temple during Buddha’s Birthday | © Heui Jong Kim / Flickr

Damyang’s Juknokwon (Bamboo Garden) | © Jordi Sanchez Teruel / Flickr

Geumseongsanseong Fortress near Damyang | © Yeongcheol Lee / Flickr

Winter in Damyang | © Yeongcheol Lee / Flickr

Damyang is known for its galbi, or succulent barbecued ribs | © Yun Seon Hong / Flickr

Damyang’s Soswaewon Garden dates back to the Joseon Dynasty | © Yeongcheol Lee / Flickr

Cheongsando Island near Wando | © Wando County Office / Wikimedia Commons

The sun sets over Cheongsando Island | © Dadae Choi / Flickr

Yi Sun-shin Bridge in Gwangyang | © Heui Jong Kim / Flickr

Jeungdo Island was designated Asia’s first Slow City | © KoreaNet / Korean Culture and Information Service / Wikimedia Commons

Jeungdo, near Mokpo, is not only home to Korea’s largest salt farm but also boasts some of its most unpolluted natural scenery | © KoreaNet / Korean Culture and Information Service / Wikimedia Commons