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Model pose  | © Pexels
Model pose | © Pexels
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15 South Korean Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram

Picture of Linda Dunsmore
Updated: 9 March 2017
It’s no secret that the hottest trends in fashion and style often come from South Korea. From cat walk models to stars of K-drama, a stylish little boy to fashion designers, these 15 amazing South Korean fashionistas have their finger on the pulse of Asian fashion. That’s why you should follow them on Instagram right now.

Jina Kim

Jina Kim started out with a YouTube channel and quickly caught peoples attention. Today, she is has her own fashion label in China, Duier International. She also documents her personal style and trends on her own blog.

Jang Ki Yong

An up and coming actor, Jang Ki Yong has quickly risen to Instagram fame. Besides starring in several hot K-Dramas, he also works as a model for international labels.


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Park Hye Min, known as Pony, is one of the most successful fashionistas in Korea. She created her own makeup line that is on sale in all major beauty stores in South Korea. Fans also love her YouTube tutorials where she transforms into 2NE1’s CL or Taylor Swift.

📸 @vivus_vici

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Kim Won Joong

Kim Won Joong has been all over the fashion world ever since he became the first Asian model to hit the runway for Prada. Today, he walks for major labels and even launched his own fashion label 87mm.

Lee Sung Kyung

Under the name Biblee, Lee Sung Kyung, is one of the big names of the game on Instagram. She kicked off her career as a model but has now moved on to TV dramas and movies. However, fashion is still her passion.


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Yoni Pai

Famous for her bold blonde mane, Yoni Pai is one of the great minds behind the Seoul-based fashion label Steve J and Yoni P. Her instagram is filled with amazing shots of her collections, model friends and daily life.

Lee Soo Hyuk

After Lee Soo Hyuk started in the model business in 2006, he quickly became popular and landed on covers of renowned fashion magazines such as GQ, Bazaar and Elle. Today, he is not only one of Korea’s hottest male models but also a frequent face in dramas and movies.


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While Eunbi might only have 19,000 followers on Instagram at the moment, her fairytale style and mermaid-like appearance are so intriguing that Marc Jacobs booked her for his 2015 Spring/Summer campaign.

Soo Joo Park

Born in South Korea, Soo Joo moved to California at the age of 10 and has become one of Korea’s most successful super models. Her bleach blonde hair is her trademark and her edgy and eclectic styles are often copied in the fashion world.

Irene Kim

Irene Kim is one of the big names in Korea’s blogging and social media world. Her style and attitude gained her so much fame that even big names like Estée Lauder signed contracts with her. Today she is a proud fashion influencer and model.

The other day at @balmain…😎 📸 @jeffthibodeauco 💋 #ireneisparis

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Hyun Bin Kwon

Up and coming model Hyun Bin Kwon, born in 1997, is one of the rising stars of Korea’s fashion world. He works with YG Kplus and walks for major fashion labels in international fashion shows. He loves to show off his style on Instagram.

@munsookwon @mskn2nd

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This little boy probably has more fashion sense than you. He loves to pose for the camera and major fashion labels have shown interest in him. He has been working for international fashion brands and is on his way to becoming South Korea’s next top model.

포즈가 참 마음에 드는 컷📸 . . #kidsmodel #gapkids #kidsfashion

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Shi Jaehyuk

Shi Jaehyuk works for the same agency as Hyunbin and loves to post street-style shots of himself and his friends. Just like his model friend Hyunbin, he walks in international fashion shows and appears regularly on Korean TV.

Go Sohyun

When it’s Seoul Fashion Week in South Korea, Go Sohyun’s Instagram explodes. She loves documenting the shows and does not only share shots of high fashion, but she also loves food. What a great combination.


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Hyeong Seop

Currently one of the biggest names in the Korean fashion industry, Hyeong Seop moved to New York City to follow his model career. He has walked for major fashion labels and calls the international catwalks his home. His Instagram feed is not only filled with his edgy styles but he also shares personal moments.


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