Where to Find the Best Seafood Buffets in Singapore

Colony, Singapore
Colony, Singapore | Courtesy of Colony at the Ritz-Carlton
Buying seafood per item, even in a hawker centre, can get very expensive. The best thing to do is to wait until you’re craving a meal where you can eat every type of seafood, and then head to one of these restaurants which offer up some of the best seafood buffets across Singapore.


Restaurant, Hotel Restaurant, Contemporary, $$$
Oscar's, singapore
Oscar's, singapore | Courtesy of Oscar's Conrad Centennial

After unveiling a new, more expansive brunch menu last year, Oscar’s can make a legitimate claim to having one of the best buffet spreads in Singapore. Guests with a craving for seafood can expect an impressive selection from the Seafood Bar. Slurp up freshly shucked oysters from France, Ireland and Canada. Get ready to break into snow crab legs, Boston lobsters and Cherrystone clams. Finish off with a selection of fresh sashimi, including tuna, salmon and swordfish, until you’re so full that you feel like you need to be rolled out of the restaurant.

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Lime Restaurant

Restaurant, Contemporary, $$$
Lime Restaurant, singapore
Lime Restaurant, singapore | Courtesy of Lime Restaurant

Take your time going through the various stations at Lime Restaurant. With a Super Lunch Sunday buffet that runs for four hours, from 12:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m., they’ve got one of the longest buffets on the island. Slowly make your way through their counters of seafood featuring freshly shucked oysters, prawns and sashimi. Be sure to try some of the cooked seafood on offer as well; many of the dishes feature a mix of local and European flavours.

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The Line

Restaurant, Contemporary, $$$
The Line Restaurant, singapore
The Line Restaurant, singapore | Courtesy of The Line at Shangri-La
The Line at Shangri-La, one of Singapore’s oldest and most established buffet restaurants, offers up a seafood feast several nights a week. Visit on Tuesdays and Thursdays for their Marine Harvest night featuring a massive spread of lobsters, crabs, scallops, giant oysters and more. Like other restaurants, they also offer a spread of raw and cooked seafood during their Sunday brunch.
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Restaurant, Mediterranean, Seafood
One-Ninety Restaurant, singapore
One-Ninety Restaurant, singapore | Courtesy of One-Ninety at Four Seasons

One of the more affordable seafood buffets in Singapore, One-Ninety offers their buffet at just $58++. Once you get your fill of freshly flown-in sashimi, try some of the hot seafood items like the Mooloolaba wild king prawns, which deliver on flavour and are large enough to please the snobbiest prawn fan, or the Mediterranean sea bass cooked to perfection with crispy skin and succulent flesh.

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Restaurant, Seafood, Chinese, European, Indian
Colony, Singapore
Colony, Singapore | Courtesy of Colony at the Ritz-Carlton

In an elegant colonial dining room inspired by the voyages that the British undertook to reach the East Indies, diners will be impressed by the wide array of food available across the seven distinct culinary stations preparing a variety of dishes in Chinese, Indian, local and European styles. Seafood lovers will gravitate towards The Ice Bar, dedicated to fresh and cooked seafood dishes. Enjoy raw oysters and sashimi and seafood salads. Some of the highlights from The Ice Bar include king crab legs, poached prawns and black mussels.

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The Kitchen Table

Restaurant, European, Asian
the kitchen table, Singapore
the kitchen table, Singapore | Courtesy of The Kitchen Table at the W Singapore

This restaurant, located on the far end of sunny Sentosa Island, is well worth the trek from the city for their impressive buffet spread. How The Kitchen Table differs from other seafood buffets across the island is through the careful curation of their menu. While some of the buffets prefer the style of offering five different types of oysters, The Kitchen Table chooses to focus on a smaller selection but with more attention put into their grilled items. Tuck into their messy but delicious chilli crab or try the lobster thermidor, a heavenly combination of tender lobster meat and melted cheese.

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