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| © Mary Ho/YouTube
| © Mary Ho/YouTube
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This 81-Year-Old Granny From Singapore Is Here To Rock Your World

Picture of Ann Lee
Music Editor
Updated: 8 August 2017
Mary Ho took up the guitar at the tender age of 60.

Now 81-years-old, the granny from Singapore will be playing in the country’s National Day Parade this week.

Talking to the BBC, she said: ‘I was 60 when I started the guitar. I bought an acoustic guitar and learned by myself. Then I started to learn the electric guitar when I was 65. It was very difficult for me because I can’t read notes… and I’ve no experience in holding guitars.’

‘I practise and practise and make it good until my hands are black. For several days I can’t play because I’ve got all these bandages. Finally when it’s healed I start playing again.’

Now that’s dedication.

The grandmother of seven, who also plays keyboards and drums, has even met her rock hero Carlos Santana.

‘When I play guitar I’m just on my own,’ she added. ‘I feel so relaxed and beautiful. So happy because I’m learning what I want to play. It’s my passion.’

She will be one of the oldest of more than 3,000 performers at the parade on Wednesday, August 9, at Marina Bay Floating Platform.

She said: ‘This tune is completely new to me and I put in quite a lot of work on it. I tell myself I’m well-prepared and I’m going to put on a good show.’

Rock on, Mary!