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Sambal Stingray, Chomp Chomp | © Kyle Lamb Flickr
Sambal Stingray, Chomp Chomp | © Kyle Lamb Flickr
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The Top 5 Hawker Centers In Singapore

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Singapore is often ranked as the food capital of the world, and it is a bustling and exotic garden city which never ceases to amaze visitors with its tantalizing cuisine. A popular way to try some great food in Singapore is to stop by a hawker center, a market at which vendors sell ready-to-eat dishes from small booths. These form a huge part of the culture here, and most of the top-quality food will set you back only a few dollars each time; here’s five of the best.
A Typical Singaporean Hawker Centre
A Typical Singaporean Hawker Centre | © Tiberiu Ana
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Chomp Chomp

Beware: before planning a visit here, guests should be aware that seats are in high demand at Chomp Chomp Food center. The fact that it is nearly impossible to get a table outside is a clear indicator of just how in demand the food is here. The BBQ sambal stingray and carrot cake are well regarded as some of the best options for dinner. And after indulging in the delectable treats from the numerous stalls, what better way to wash down your meal than with a glass of refreshing sugarcane juice? The site is relatively small compared to other hawkers, but the focus here lies in quality over quantity. A bustling and vibrant hawker center which seems like it never sleeps.

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Maxwell Road

It seems as if no matter what stall you pick at Maxwell Road food centre, you can’t go wrong. Located within walking distance of ChinaTown MRT station, Maxwell Road is undoubtedly the true gem of the area. Go beyond the overpriced restaurants catering to the swarms of western tourists downtown and opt for the local’s choice. The plastic seating and crowded atmosphere ooze character, and with over 100 stalls and consistent quality and pricing, you cannot afford to miss out on the authentic Maxwell dining experience.

Address: Maxwell Rd, Singapore

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Old Airport road

Old Airport road is one of the largest and oldest hawkers in the city. The food center also reputedly houses the largest number of famous food stalls than any other on the island. The site is particularly famed for the popular Char Kway Teow and Lor Mee stalls which draw in queues of dozens of people with their aromatic Asian plates, and this is a top choice for visitors who seek to try a little bit of absolutely everything.

Address: Old Airport Road, Singapore

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Tiong Bahru

Eat like a local at Tiong Bahru. With snappy service and friendly staff, this hawker remains a prized favorite amongst resident Singaporeans. Set within the heart of the fascinating art deco styled neighborhood, be sure to allow yourself time to wander amongst the surrounding streets here. Compared to other food stalls, its peaceful location and small size means it is often quieter than other food centers in the evenings. There is a wealth of diversity within the foods being served at Tiong Bahru, and the food here is always excellent value for money.


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Bukit Timah

Now to the west of the island, a trip to Bukit Timah Food Market and Hawker center is the perfect way to compliment a trip to the nature reserve of the same name nearby. If you’re looking for something a little different, the Japanese, Western and Thai food stalls here have a great reputation within the community. Be warned though, the Western food will be completely unlike anything you’ve ever tried from the west. Don’t missed the curried chicken or the freshly squeezed juices available in abundance.

Address: Bukit Timah, Singapore