The Top 10 Brunch Places In Bukit Timah, Singapore

Spruce|© BoonHui & Sandy Flickr
Spruce|© BoonHui & Sandy Flickr
When touring the less industrial regions of Singapore like Bukit Timah, you’ll be spoiled for choice when looking for affordable spots to enjoy a generous and appetizing brunch. Here’s our list of the top ten places to eat brunch in Bukit Timah.
Fried Egg with Salmon © Malingering Flickr

Picotin Express

Bistro, European, $$$
Overlooking the Champions Golf Club, the Picotin Express prides itself on merging elegance with charm to present a café with character. The ideal venue for a weekend brunch, the Picotin offers a tranquil outlet in which to dine, replacing the industrial scenery with that of the cool, country air while spoiling guests with their enviable dishes, ranging from full English breakfasts to addictive pain au chocolats. This establishment is sure to be a favorite among families; its isolated surroundings give children the chance to explore the grounds. With its hypnotic views, harmonious food and homey ambiance, the Picotin Express can satisfy all palates.
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The Missing Pan

Cafe, Tea
Rack of lambs
Rack of lambs | © waferboard Flickr
Serving mouth-watering French breakfast delights, The Missing Pan fosters a warm and welcoming vibe that invites you in and thrills you with its large brunch menu. Indulge yourself by trying the 62 Degrees Eggs Benedict slathered with creamy avocado for that added zest or their signature French Toast Salpicon, a generous portion stuffed with meat and vegetables and topped with a refreshing choice of tropical fruits. A wide array of home-baked artisan pastries and breads are readily available for those intending to create their own brunch concoction at home.
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Shelter In The Woods

Restaurant, Asian
The Shelter in the Woods is a traditional flame rotisserie that aims to please meat lovers by producing the most succulent racks of lamb and pork to create a sensational experience for the taste buds. Although an upscale alternative for brunch, this restaurant accommodates a casual atmosphere with earthy undertones. The ambiance, juxtaposed with the poignant menu, creates a combination to relish. The Shelter in the Woods lives up to its name and makes you feel at home in a foreign land.
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My Little Spanish Place

Bar, Restaurant, Spanish
Placing traditionalism above all else, My Little Spanish Place, advocates a home-restaurant experience and is meticulous about the authenticity of their menu. Chefs Maria Sevillano and Edward Esmero have put forth a heartwarming collection of marvelous recipes that have been cherished throughout the generations while having roots to various parts of Spain. The restaurant features a new and innovative jamon bar (boasting many portions of wafer thin hams) along with a Spanish despensa containing imported produce. Enjoy your brunch by infusing some Spanish heritage into the meal which is considered incomplete without a fruity wine or sangria. Order from the amazing selection of wines, tracing back to the beautiful regions of Spain.
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Riders Café

Cafe, American, $$$
Peranakan Thai cuisine
Peranakan Thai cuisine | © Jeffrey Wong Flickr
Established in 2007, this much loved brunch spot is located in the heart of Bukit Timah behind a stretch of lush greenery. Riders Café endeavors to bring irresistible dishes to their guests. Bespoke classics along with a elegant atmosphere form the inspiration for the scrumptious menu. Using only fresh ingredients, the staff experiment with techniques and recipes for hours just to perfect every meal. Be sure to sample their Blackstone Benedict which is bursting with juicy tomatoes and fried, crispy bacon strips and make Riders Café, your new obsession.
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Violet Oon's Kitchen

Restaurant, Bistro, Fusion, Indian, British, Asian, $$$

Spice up your weekend brunch with a little help from Violet Oon’s Kitchen, the epitome of poignant simplicity that always comes with a standard dose of Peranakan hospitality. From its monochromatic color scheme to the bistro-style tableware with flowering plants providing a scarlet drop of color and dazzling mirrors, it offers a deliciously authentic Nyonya and local fare. The artfully dotted floors mimic an optical illusion which are a treat for the eyes while the coconut infused otak toast will satisfy your early afternoon cravings.

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Restaurant, French, $$$
Ramen Burger
Ramen Burger | fat_albert9631 Flickr
Delivering French nostalgia to its clientele, Choupinette exudes an old world charm with its ornate antique decorations and rustic furnishings. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of France and devour an assortment of pastries such as croissants, baguettes and sweet delicacies, coupled with flavorful poached eggs to round off your scrumptious meal. The daily specials are beautifully sketched on the carefully hung blackboard to aid you in your dining dilemma as well as bring a wholesome element to this cosy café.
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Little Hiro

Restaurant, Japanese, BBQ, 0
Merging Japanese ingredients with American classics, Little Hiro is a food lover’s paradise, showcasing a foot-long fried chicken karaage waffle, laden with sweet honey béchamel sauce to accompany unique, ramen burgers including the BBQ bacon bleu ramen burger, comprising of a tender beef patty with bacon strips, drizzled with just the right amount of blue cheese sauce. The compilation is then sandwiched between two textured ramen buns. Sample some inviting spam fries along with a delectable curry mayo dip. Wash it all down with an invigorating swig of hitachino nest or suiyobi no neko. Little Hiro is just as charismatic as it is vibrant.
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Little Diner

Diner, Restaurant, American, Vegetarian, $$$
This quaint and petite establishment strives to take you away from the hustle and bustle of the urban city that is Singapore and spoil guests by showering them with homey affection and courteous hospitality. This American-style diner tempts you with an enticing hangover burger, complete with a fried egg to add the finishing touch to a weekend pick-me-up. In addition, the DeLancey red velvet pancakes served with fresh cream cheese and maple syrup is another dish that is sure to be a favorite. The interiors that are reminiscent of an updated version of a ’50s diner along with the Krusty Crab Benedict and sumptuous French toast, topped with strawberry jam can lure you back to this place, time and time again.
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Bar, Restaurant, American, $$$
Spruce Firestation, Singapore
Spruce Firestation, Singapore | Night in the bar / Pixabay
Previously an old fire station, this distinctive restaurant proves to be a satisfying alternative brunch spot to other cafés. Spruce is hidden away in the region of Upper Bukit Timah and is fastidious about serving quantitative portions of good quality gastronomy. Their set menu consists of a few beloved Italian, British and American classics. Get your daily dairy dose with Spruce’s scrumptious garden ‘brekkie,’ accompanied by a hearty serving of the ‘Spruce Signature Salad’,avocado, cornbread, goat’s cheese and dates – and sip down a soothing hot cup of Earl Grey to round off your meal. Supporting a suspended panel, housing beverages and glasses, Spruce oozes sophistication; a surprising element considering its humble beginnings.
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