The Best Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurants In Singapore

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17 January 2019

Singapore is one of Asia’s major centers for culture and food. In this melting pot of different cuisines, many great vegetarian and vegan restaurants are available. Read our guide to the best that the city has to offer.

Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant

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Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant
Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant | © Jeffery Wong/Flickr
In the center of Singapore’s bustling city is The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant, which serves delicious, fresh vegetarian cuisine and has been doing so since 2003. This restaurant aims to bring out the incredible flavors of Thai Peranakan cuisine. This is an exciting mix between the delicate but tasty Thai cuisine, and the spicy and flavorsome cuisine of Southeast Asia. These flavors work excellently with vegetarian dishes, which complement each other fantastically. They also bring out the flavors of the plant-based food with the spices that are classic in the Thai and Peranakan cuisines.

Miao Yi

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Uncomplicated and tasty vegetarian dishes can be found at Miao Yi. It’s not surprising that this busy restaurant is packed every day for both lunch and dinner. The flavors of classic Chinese cuisine are brought to Singapore, but here it’s different. You won’t be able to find any meat in any of the dishes at Miao Yi. Miao Yi’s mock meat dishes use alternative vegetarian ingredients to create flavors and textures that even carnivores won’t be able to tell is meat-free.


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Boxed burgers at Vegan Burg | © Vegan Burg

For those who partake in the plant-based diet, it can be a struggle not being able to eat some of meat lovers’ favorite foods, one of them being burgers. However, there is a solution to this problem in Singapore. That solution is VeganBurg. Regardless of your reasons for avoiding eating meat and animal products, you can find a great range of delicious burgers that are 100 percent plant-based. This burger joint is a perfect example of taking meat out of the food without sacrificing quality.

Original Sin

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Singapore City Skyline
Singapore City Skyline | © Nicolas Lannuzel/Flickr
Specializing in Mediterranean-style dishes, and located just outside Singapore’s city center, is Original Sin. Although Mediterranean and South European cuisines are generally very much based around meat, at Original Sin all the dishes are vegetarian. The menu has a huge choice of dishes that are meat-free and exhibit the flavors of the countries around the Mediterranean. If you’re looking for a great Italian pizza, or a Greek Spanakopita that is vegetarian but still good quality and great tasting, you should make your way to Original Sin.

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

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On the second level of the Quality Hotel Marlow is the Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. It offers great quality Taiwanese vegetarian cuisine in a beautiful, classic dining setting. An incredibly talented team of culinary professionals use their skills to prepare a range of delicious vegetarian dishes that highlight the freshest and best quality ingredients available. You can find a great selection of traditional Taiwanese dim sum, or try one of the carefully prepared dishes from the à la carte menu or the delicious options from the steamboat buffet.

Real Food Café

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Something that is often overlooked in the food and dining industry is to keep the produce fresh and organic. Thankfully, at Real Food Café all the vegetarian dishes are made using ethically sourced, organic produce. This independent restaurant is run by a group of food lovers who believe that ‘you are what you eat’. They are passionate about creating dishes that use only good quality organic ingredients. Here you can find a range of dishes that are made from scratch. You can be sure of two things: the dishes are made by hand and they took a lot of time and effort to make.