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The Best Burger Joints In Singapore
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The Best Burger Joints In Singapore

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Singapore is one of Asia’s major centers for culture and food. In addition to all the different local cuisines from China and Malaysia, this country’s culinary scene also has a lot of influence from Australia, Europe and the Americas. Thanks to this mix of cultures and cuisines, the city of Singapore has many American-inspired burger joints for you to discover. We guide you through the best in the city.
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Opposite the Singapore Botanical Gardens, just outside of the Singapore CBD, is Wildfire, a restaurant and bar that specializes in Australian craft beer and Australian burgers. After extreme long-term testing and scrutiny, this restaurant has perfected the ideal burger patty, using authentic Australian Angus beef. These gourmet burgers are put through an elaborate process to ensure their high quality, including being cooked at over 500 degrees, which seals the flavor into these great burgers.

Wildfire, 26 Evans Rd, Singapore, +65 6734 2080

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For those who partake in the plant-based diet, it can be a struggle not being able to eat some of meat lovers’ favorite foods, one of them being burgers. However there is a solution to this problem in Singapore, and that solution is VeganBurg. Regardless of your reasons for avoiding eating meat and animal products, you can find a great range of delicious burgers that are 100% plant-based. This burger joint is a perfect example of taking meat out of the food without sacrificing quality.

VeganBurg, 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore, +65 6844 6868

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Two Blur Guys

Originally the idea of two guys with a passion for great burgers, Two Blur Guys is a burger restaurant near Singapore’s bay that has been grilling great gourmet burgers since 2012. These burgers are made using only prime ingredients to create flavor combinations that are inspired by cuisines from around the world. The classic American style burger is enhanced by incorporating delicate flavors that turn this sandwich into a gastronomic experience.

Two Blur Guys, 1 Tras Link, Singapore, +65 6636 4183

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Little Hiro

In the area of Bukit Timah, northwest of Singapore’s center is Little Hiro, a burger and barbecue restaurant inspired by Japanese cuisine and the Hawaiian beachside fare. The burgers at this restaurant have exotic Pan-Asian flavors, inspired by the tropical ingredients found in the archipelago of Hawaii. One thing you won’t want to miss is Little Hiro’s signature, the ramen burger. These ramen burgers do without the classic burger bun, and use in its place a type of bun made out of authentic Japanese ramen noodles.

Little Hiro, 559 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore, +65 6466 3477

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Third & Sixth Bistrobar

Right nearby Singapore’s gorgeous Marina Bay, playing lively Americana style music to really set the mood, Third & Sixth Bistrobar is a place to chill out and relax with great food and drinks. The kind of clients that frequent this burger joint and bar are generally hipsters, but because of its location it also attracts many young professionals. Third and Sixth’s signature burgers are to die for, so come along and have a bite and a few drinks to wind down.

Third & Sixth Bistrobar, 36 Seah St, Singapore, +65 6336 1248

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Riders Café

Since its opening in 2007 in the Bukit Timah Saddle Club, this beautiful location has been used by Riders Café to provide the area with a casual and relaxing space where you can try their delicious modern cuisine. Each recipe is tested and refined to make sure it is the best quality possible. Although the menu includes a range of different dishes, what they’re known for is their incredible burgers which are completely homemade and use only the best ingredients.

Riders Café, 51 Fairways Dr, Singapore, +65 6466 9819