The 6 Best Theme Parks in Singapore

The most fun is had in a theme park!
The most fun is had in a theme park! | © TanteTati / Pixabay
Photo of Tarandip Kaur
5 April 2018

Theme parks are constantly packed and popular among Singaporeans, and if you’re coming to visit, they offer some really fantastic rides and experiences that are rather unique to the country. Regardless, theme parks are universally recognised as a place to just have fun and get a few thrills and scares — and they are no different here.

Universal Studios Singapore

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universal studios singapore
The one place every tourist must visit | © Replubica / Pixabay

This is the only Universal Studios theme park located in Southeast Asia, so it is well worth your time to have a look. Enjoy the Battlestar Galactica ride or cruise along with the Transformers 3-D Enterprise which allows you to experience the fantasy in a hyper-realistic fashion. Enjoy a whole slew of shows featuring your favourite characters from Sesame Street or just delight in the fireworks that happen later in the evening. All in all, a magical and eventful night for anyone in whichever company.

Wild Wild Wet

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Wild Wild Wet, the largest water park in Singapore.
Wild Wild Wet, the largest water park in Singapore. | © EQRoy/Shutterstock

Don’t be surprised that, in such a humid and balmy environment, water sports or activities would be quite popular. This highly animated playground is great for mindless revelry, and they have a whole plethora of rides for you and your loved ones to enjoy all day long. If you don’t like thrills and heights, there is some ground-level fun you can enjoy as well. Just remember to bring along your bathing suits.

Adventure Cove

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adventure cove
Perfect for the family! | © Choo Yut Shing / Flickr

While Wild Wild Wet is for having fun with water, here in Sentosa, they offer a more practical side where you get to experience marine and aquatic life alongside your usual watery slides. Besides whirling about joyously in a wave pool or just bumping about in a tube, take the time to come up close and personal with the life seen only under ocean. If you’re brave, go for the opportunity to come head-to-head with sharks while snorkelling in their pools. This is definitely an uproarious and edifying experience of a lifetime.

Night Safari

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Night safari, Singapore.
A performance at Night Safari, Singapore. | © Ali Alshammasi / Alamy Stock Photo

Here’s an educational ride in the dark to explore animals and wildlife in their habitat. In fact, Night Safari was the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals. You get on a tram ride that mimics as closely as possible a safari experience, and it will bring you to different geographical locations mocked up here in Singapore. The aim is to make the animals as comfortable as possible in a landscape that resembles their homes — and offer people the chance to learn more about them. More than a third of the animals are threatened with extinction, so this is also a chance to discover conservancy efforts and learn how important it is to preserve and save our natural environment.

River Safari

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river safari
Kids enjoy watching the aquatic animals go past | © Roderick Eime / Flickr

This is another spot you won’t find elsewhere in Asia. Get on a boat ride through the world’s rivers and see some fascinating animals like the red panda, the Amazonian jaguar or the dugong. Bring your family along, especially if you have kids because they can have the chance to spot animals camouflaging and see them up close and personal in their natural habitat. This is a stunning adventure that can be had in the day and offers a joyous and educational experience while pitted comfortably in your deck.

Haw Par Villa

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haw par villa
A theme park filled with Chinese mythology | © Choo Yut Shing / Flickr

A unique endeavour that uses figures from Chinese mythology in a theme park setting to emphasise Oriental culture and values; this is one of the oldest and most unique theme parks you will find in Singapore. The figures and artefacts further adds to its charm, especially its most dreaded area, which is dubbed ‘The Ten Courts of Hell’ and depicts all sorts of gruesome punishments in the afterlife for various sins. They have also added some rides to bring it into the modern era, but the experience alone makes this a key stop when in Singapore.

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