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Haji Lane is decorated with artistic graffiti all over the street
Haji Lane is decorated with artistic graffiti all over the street | © cegoh / Pixabay
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The 5 Most Hipster Neighbourhoods in Singapore

Picture of Tarandip Kaur
Updated: 24 May 2018
Staying in Singapore can be massively enriched when you stay at a great location. Besides the usual amenities and comfort of getting to great spots, these neighbourhoods offer a bevy of other privileges like great food and drinks, and cool company that will make your stay even more enjoyable.

Little India

Historically a neighbourhood associated with Indians, the vast majority Tamils who were immigrants into Singapore during the colonial era, this cool little place has maintained much of its classic look and integrity more than any other place. The area has plenty of restaurants and hawker centres for the foodie to enjoy and you will constantly meet lots of interesting people here.

Little India, Singapore

Diwali in Little India, Singapore | © kamodayz / Pixabay

Tiong Bahru

A nifty little neighbourhood with some old residential areas, this place has been transformed into a cool little stomping ground with great cafes, one of the more unique bookstores in Singapore and other such niche items you can spend your entire day exploring. The great thing about Tiong Bahru is that it’s very near a lot of other popular spots but is itself a warm and cosy place, an enclave amidst the vibrant life encompassing it.

Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Old estates in Tiong Bahru make for perfect Instagram moments | © Nicolas Lannuzel / Flickr

Haji Lane

An extremely popular spot for fashionistas and nightlife aficionados, Haji Lane has built quite a reputation for itself for being the place to be, if you wanted something unique and different. If you love music but prefer the underground scene, this is the place to check out and it probably has something that might pique your interest. If you’re into clothes but want something not mass manufactured or a common sight on every other person, the entire lane and beyond will have something to your liking.

Haji Lane, Singapore

Haji Lane is decorated with artistic graffiti all over the street | © cegoh / Pixabay

Keong Saik Road

Famed for being a red light district in the past, this neighbourhood has become a beacon for some of the hottest spots to hang out in Singapore. It still has a lot of its traditional vibes like cool coffee shops and the ubiquitous shophouses, but they now host some famed international restaurants and swanky bars. This area particularly blossoms at night so consider this spot for some late adventures.

Keong Saik Road, Singapore

An old-school street juxtaposed with soaring skyscrapers | © Silas Khua / Flickr

Joo Chiat

Famed for being a center of Peranakan culture, Joo Chiat also had a reputation for being on the edges of the brothels found in Geylang that had a transformative effect on the area, with bars and low-cost rooms sprouting. It is Singapore’s first Heritage Town and this has helped maintained its integrity with classical architecture found in early Singapore history. Now you’ll find some cool dining spots, both Asian and Western, and it is also peppered with watering holes with some unique offerings.

Joo Chiat, Singapore

Beautiful shophouses near Joo Chiat, Singapore | © Su--May / Flickr