The 5 Best Neighbourhoods in Singapore for Foodies

A great spot for middle eastern cuisine.
A great spot for middle eastern cuisine. | © David Yap / Flickr
Photo of Tarandip Kaur
8 May 2018

Food is literally a way of life in Singapore, what with an abundance of restaurants, hawker centres and supermarkets packed to the brim all hours of the day, you will never go hungry here. There are many places to go for food but some are concentrated in certain neighbourhoods – all the more appealing when you’re keen for a culinary journey.

Arab Street

A great spot for middle eastern cuisine. | © David Yap / Flickr

The heart of the initial Arab immigrants to Singapore, this is a great dining location ideal for exploring at night. A whole myriad of restaurants and informal dining outlets are scattered throughout, serving local delicacies from the Middle East and South/Central Asia. Many of these restaurants are among the most beautiful you will see in the country, with stunning interiors.

Changi Village

A street lined with local delights. | © Jnzl's Photos / Flickr

Changi Village is an off-the-beaten track neighbourhood – popular with NS (National Service) men who train nearby – that offers some truly appetising meals in the hawker centers dotted around the quaint estate. This is as local as you can get with dishes such as Nasi Lemak and Duck Rice, but with some fascinating international fare, too.


For delicious Malay food, this is the spot to visit. | © ScribblingGeek / Pixabay

For the more adventurous among you, this is one place you might want to check out while in Singapore. Besides its classic shophouses and narrow alleys, your tastes buds will have a lot of fun sampling anything from frog porridge and turtle soup to seafood from a ‘No Signboard Seafood’ restaurant. Geylang has a lot of interesting spins on local delicacy as well, so be sure to spend time here for a unique foodie experience.

Little India

Diwali in Little India, Singapore. | © kamodayz / Pixabay

Quite possibly the best place for Indian food, this old-fashioned neighbourhood is a delight to visit. From the ubiquitous thosai, roti prata and mee goreng (fried noodles), there are many delights originating from the subcontinent but with a little bit of Singapore mixed in. Don’t forget to check out the small side dishes, sweets and drinks as well – such as the ever-popular and Instagram-worthy Teh Tarik.


A local neighbourhood with tons of hawker centers. | © Calvin Teo / WikiCommons

This straightforward charming neighbourhood has plenty to offer those who love munching on the good stuff. The best thing is to check out the local coffee shops as soon as you get off the MRT station. There’s a whole bunch of stalls serving inexpensive hawker food such as char kway teow and carrot cake, which isn’t literally a cake in case you get confused. Pro-tip: Look for the stalls with long lines, because if the locals are queuing for it, you know it’s the good stuff.