The 10 Best Waffles In Singapore

Waffle with Double Scoop | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
Waffle with Double Scoop | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
Waffles, albeit simple and common, is something hard to get right. A good waffle must have a light crisp on the edge, a good crunch in the middle, and a yummy topping. Here are the 10 best waffles in Singapore.

Sunday Folks

Restaurant, Dessert Shop, Dessert
Freshly Baked Belgian Waffles with Roasted Pistachio Soft Serve
Freshly Baked Belgian Waffles with Roasted Pistachio Soft Serve | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
Whenever anyone talks about good waffles, it is almost impossible to leave out Sunday Folks. No matter what time of day or night, this place is always bustling and packed. Count yourself lucky if you managed to grab a seat without having to wait. Do not underestimate the under-sized waffle; Sunday Folks still gets the job done. You’ll surely leave with a happy and full tummy. The dollop of soft serve on top is creamy and rich, perfect with the crispy base. The wide array of toppings available also leaves one spoilt for choice.
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Twenty Grammes Café

Cafe, Restaurant, Asian
Charcoal Waffle with Triple Scoop and Salted Egg Sauce
Charcoal Waffle with Triple Scoop and Salted Egg Sauce | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
Joining the charcoal waffle hype, Twenty Grammes pairs theirs with a thick salted egg sauce. Unlike the usual runny salted egg sauce, Twenty Grammes’ version is thick and rich, adding a strong flavor to the sweet ice cream. There are many flavors of ice cream to choose from, but the best sellers are the Thai milk tea, sea salt caramel, and Earl Grey. If you are not feeling too adventurous, opt for the plain ol’ buttermilk waffle, which is just as delicious.
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Salted Caramel Artisanal Ice Cream

Cafe, Ice Cream Parlour, Dessert, $$$
Waffle with Double Scoop | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
What’s there not to love about Salted Caramel when you can get a triple scoop on a waffle? There are more than enough flavors to choose from, but the more popular choices have got to be Horlicks Tim Tam, Earl Grey and Kahlua. Waffles are light and airy and simple yet delicious. You could even get your ice cream with a brownie base instead. With new cafes popping up everywhere, salted caramel seems to have lost its hype, but this artisanal ice cream parlor is still a winner.
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Hyde & Co

Cafe, Tea , British, $$$
Affogato Waffles
Affogato Waffles | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
Known for its wide selection of tea, Hyde & Co is a good place to go if you are looking for an English breakfast. The waffle itself may not be the crispiest or the lightest, but Hyde & Co certainly deserves a mention for its creative waffles. Choose to enjoy your waffles with toasted marshmallows drizzled in affogato sauce or opt for their signature popcorn waffles. Kudos to the genius for thinking of making affogato into a sauce for waffles.
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Department of Caffeine

Cafe, Tea , $$$
Peanut Butter & Jelly Buttermilk Waffles
Peanut Butter & Jelly Buttermilk Waffles | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
Packed from opening till closing, hipster corner DOC is known for the consistency and taste of its food. Department of Caffeine never disappoints no matter whether you’re eating brunch, mains, or desserts. Its waffle is bursting with flavors from peanut butter to raspberry to vanilla and will only leave you craving more.
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FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

Bar, Dessert Shop, Ice Cream, $$$
Gourmet Waffles with Double Scoop
Gourmet Waffles with Double Scoop | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
FATCAT’s version of the salted egg sauce is very light and smooth. For people who prefer a milder sauce, then this is the one for you. Pop by for the thickest, roundest, and most aesthetically appealing waffle you’ll ever find. Not only do they serve perfectly shaped waffles but also gourmet plated desserts, for which they are famous. Everything here looks like it came out of a fine-dining restaurant. Now you know where to bring your date for an impressive yet affordable dessert.
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Froth Café

Cafe, Hotel Restaurant, Dessert, Asian
Froth, Singapore
Froth, Singapore | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
Sick of the usual buttermilk waffles? Simply head over to Froth for one-of-a-kind waffles. Located in the basement of BIG hotel, it is rather quiet, and therefore perfect for a brunch date. Froth’s extremely creative menu is impressive as are the layers of flavors and textures of its dishes. From red velvet waffles to taro-stuffed ones, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings. Still hungry? Go for the main menu items because they are equally promising as well.
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Sin Lee Foods

Cafe, Asian
Famous for both savory and sweet waffles, Sin Lee is a place you cannot miss. The durian waffle is simply out of this world, and itis worthy of the title, ‘The Legendary Dessert’. The thick and creamy mao shan wang goes perfectly with the light and fragrant coconut ice cream. The waffle itself adds the much-needed crunch to this heavy dish. Nestled in blocks of HDB, the Singaporean twist to the Western menu adds a hint of nostalgia. Sin Lee is a great place to catch up with old friends while reminiscing over a hearty meal.
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Hvala Waffle Bar

Bar, Dim Sum, Seafood, Pub Grub
Located in the basement of 313@Somerset, this tiny waffle bar has amazing bite-sized waffles. With a huge variety of toppings available, you will have no problem spicing up your waffle. The soft serve is extremely milky and thick, perfect to beat the sweltering heat on this sunny island. The newly added Hong Kong egglet waffles with soft serve is much raved about and a must-try item.
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Strangers' Reunion

Cafe, Contemporary, $$$
Buttermilk Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Fruits
Buttermilk Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Fruits | Courtesy of Zhu Yong Qing
Strangers’ Reunion keeps it simple with their signature buttermilk waffles with vanilla ice cream and fruits. You can never go wrong with a combination like this, and Strangers’ Reunion’s waffles deliver. The only downside to something so plain is that it may get boring after a few bites for the more adventurous waffle-eaters. This is perfect for sharing though, so grab one for dessert after enjoying delicious mains at this cozy little cafe, right opposite Outram Park MRT.
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