The 10 Best Singaporean Clothing Brands

Exhibit's Autumn/ Winter 2017 collection
Exhibit's Autumn/ Winter 2017 collection | © Exhibit
Photo of Tarandip Kaur
23 May 2018

Singapore can be an interesting place to shop for clothes due to the wide variety of external influences that have shaped the styles prevalent here.

That said, a lot of local designers have managed to break free from these influences and crafted beautiful outfits that have shined a light onto the local fashion scene. Keen to get in on it? Well, it’s worth every bit of your time to consider a wardrobe revamp while you’re here.

Collate the Label

Here’s a womenswear label that seeks to create lasting impressions with sleek, feminine designs that are suitable both in the office and at a party. Collate has built a name for itself recently for its unique outfits that have heads spinning with their soft and muted tones and understated design.

Embracing the last weekend of 2017 🕊#collatethelabel

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Local designer Sabrina Goh has been steadily making a name for herself with her cool but effortlessly vibrant outfits that have become increasingly popular for the fashion-forward lady. With asymmetrical patterns and revamps of popular styles, there will be a piece that won’t be out of place in your wardrobe. On top of that, she has even managed to design a Star Wars-themed collection that will appeal to the massive fandom for that brand.

A design from Sabrina Goh | © Sabrina Goh

Ong Shunmugam

Womenswear that encompasses the best of modernity while retaining the classic heritage of Singapore, Ong Shunmugam has built a niche for herself where anyone with an interest in tradition and innovation can find something that speaks to her in an intimate way. Each outfit is a work of art and even the name, like ‘Central Fire Station’ harks back to the influence Singapore has on the craftsmanship.

Ong Shunmugam's Cheongsam 2018 collection | © Ong Shunmugam


A menswear label with a very quirky and eccentric take on everyday outfits, perfect for the gentleman that wants a model take on the Ziggy Stardust vibe. The handmade outfits are brought to life via cross-stitched panelling shimmery textures that really push the boundaries of modern menswear but still retain class and charm.


The search for creative and distinctive looks when it comes to men’s fashion has made Singapore a great place to seek out the most unique takes on male sartorial styles. CYC has been at the center of this with its striking takes on tailored suits that flesh out the male form. Bringing out the particular personality of its clients has made them very popular for the upscale crowd, while crafting the perfect suit that will last you a lifetime.


From wild to loud, Depression has brought out some of the more statement-making and forward-thinking pieces ever seen in Singapore fashion. The unisex label has been around for more than a decade, but their ability to constantly revolutionise their sensibilities has allowed them to push out clothes that will constantly be the center of attention, even in a crowd. A perfect place for those who constantly suss out pieces that defy established concepts and ideas.

Black and white designs are the mainstay at Depression | © Depression

Our Second Nature

Our Second Nature has been able to display a very consistent approach in their outfits whereby they have brought out new twists into some very retro designs. The cool, bucolic vibes of their outfits have a charming and endearing quality that is both effortless and pleasant to wear, but never looks dated.


A label that knows how to bring out the most of very little, Exhibit has shown it’s the little things that are key when it comes to making a statement. This can be anything from the wild ribbons to frills that literally blossom out of the sleeves. The overall impact is to bring a bit of pomp to otherwise minimalist fabrics that give a whole new meaning to power dressing.

Exhibit's Autumn/ Winter 2017 collection | © Exhibit


If ever a label can be described as ‘avant-garde Singaporean fashion’, this is probably the first brand to pop into your mind. Taking everything from gingham to stripes and denims, and stretching and sewing it in ways that no one may think is possible, the rebellious aesthetic has made MAX.TAN one of the more revolutionary among local designers.

Max.Tan's Spring/ Summer 2018 collection. | © Max Tan


With a heavy focus on heritage and tradition to the point of utilising artisan communities and craftsmen, this label located in Haji Lane has taken it upon itself to revitalise these vintage prints and designs into modern, everyday wear that is chic and progressive. The loose and airy garbs are a timeless reminder of fashion as legacy, which gives them a peculiar feel and look when worn.

Back in stock – our signature prints in organic cotton. Need we say more?

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