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The 10 Best Cafes In Singapore

The 10 Best Cafes In Singapore

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Singapore is one of Asia’s primary transport, business and cultural hubs, and this little island country is a true melting pot of cultures from all around the world. One thing that is consistently loved around the world is coffee, and Singapore certainly is no different. You can find a selection of some of the best coffee roasters and brewers around in this list of Singapore’s best cafes.

One Man Coffee

Sharing its space with a gourmet pizza bar branded as Crust, One Man Coffee offers specialty coffee and great brunch options in the east of Singapore city. One Man Coffee takes pride in their expertly created coffees that are produced with extreme care and precision, along with the rustic cakes and desserts as well as the great brunch options. This mix of modern and old-school decor is the perfect place to enjoy the great modern coffee that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.


One Man Coffee, 215R Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore, +65 9658 1685

One Man Coffee | Image courtesy of One Man Coffee
One Man Coffee | Image courtesy of One Man Coffee

Nylon Coffee Roasters

Great relationships are what make the coffee at Nylon Coffee Roasters so great. Since opening in 2012, the focus has been on making excellent coffee, and to do that they have been working directly with farmers and producers to encourage trusting friendships around the world and ensure the best quality ingredients are used. It’s clear that the focus is just good coffee, without much else on the menu to distract from this. You can also pick up some freshly roasted beans and take the great flavors home with you.


Nylon Coffee Roasters, 4 Everton Park, Singapore, +65 6220 2330

Artistry Café

As both an art gallery and a cafe, Artistry Cafe is a unique place in Singapore where you can find a great cup of coffee as well as appreciate some of Singapore’s great selection of modern and traditional art. This cafe and gallery offers its space not only to traditional artists, but it also holds poetry evenings as well as music nights where local musicians can share their art as well. The best way to reflect and engage in an artistic context is with artisan desserts and great coffee.


Artistry Café, 17 Jln Pinang, Singapore, +65 6298 2420

Loysel’s Toy

Named after a 19th century engineer, Edward Loysel de Santais, who was a pioneer for the industry of espresso coffee after inventing a machine in 1855 that could produce 100 cups of coffee in an hour, Loysel’s Toy is a cafe on the Kallang river. They provide excellent coffee, using more modern techniques than those used by the impressive engineer nearly 200 years ago. Here they use state of the art technology and freshly roasted coffee beans to provide excellent coffee time and time again.


Loysel’s Toy, 66 Kampong Bugis, #01-01 Sam Tat Building, Singapore, +65 6292 2306

Toby’s Estate

After opening its first cafe and coffee roastery in Singapore in 2011, Toby’s Estate has been serving the community, providing delicious balanced coffee, ever since. The founder of Toby’s Estate is Toby Smith, a passionate Australian coffee roaster and artisan barista. Toby brought his love of coffee and his craft to Singapore in order to develop the unique, incredible flavors that can come from brews. The Toby’s Estate signature cafe offers, on top of fantastic coffee, a menu full of all day breakfast choices as well as hearty lunches and healthy salads.


Toby’s Estate, 8 Rodyk Street, Singapore, +65 6636 7629


Sarnies places strong emphasis on good quality ingredients that are organic, from the fair-trade coffee beans to the grass-fed beef and hormone-free chicken. The decor is simple and laid-back, and that reflects the food. The menu consists of a choice of terrific classic brunch options, as well as delicious homemade iced tea in a variety of flavors. Although this cafe may be quite busy during the day, it is definitely worth the visit as it is a great place to relax over coffee or a late breakfast.


Sarnies, 136 Telok Ayer St, Singapore, +65 6224 6091

Sarnies | Image courtesy of Sarnies
Sarnies | Image courtesy of Sarnies

Common Man Coffee Roasters

Primarily a wholesale coffee roaster, Common Man Coffee Roasters is a cafe that is passionate about having the best beans available to roast. The team includes a group of explorers who travel the most remote parts of the world to source nothing but the best beans and bring them to Singapore. Here they are roasted and brewed to make great cups of coffee. You can get your breakfast fix any day at any hour, and enjoy it with the expertly crafted coffee in which they take pride.


Common Man Coffee Roasters, 22 Martin Road, Singapore, +65 6836 4695

Forty Hands

Since late 2010, Forty Hands has been providing a space for those who appreciate coffee, with top quality fair trade and freshly roasted beans bought from growers in developing countries. The name Forty Hands comes from the belief that it takes 40 hands to get the coffee from being grown all the way to being brewed into a cup, therefore the cafe’s aim is to make sure that each great coffee translates into being a positive experience for the customer.


Forty Hands, 78 Yong Siak Street, Singapore, +65 6225 8545

Highlander Coffee

Gourmet coffee and great service are at the forefront at Highlander Coffee, where only the best products and the top quality accessories are used to ensure a quality cup of coffee for each customer. For over a decade, Singapore has had the pleasure of the delicious, ethical free-trade coffee from Highlander Coffee. They even provide barista classes, so if you’ve always been wanting to learn how to make a top-class cup of coffee, this is the place to come and learn.


Highlander Coffee, 49 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore, +65 6226 1686


Gourmet, delectable Australian cuisine is what is on offer at Rokeby, a modern bistro located in the north of the city, where the mission is to ‘share what we love’ and bring to life good food and special experiences. The decor at Rokeby is modern, bright and simple, making it a great place to have a relaxed, laid-back Australian meal. A selection of Australian beers and wines are on offer, as well as delicious well-balanced coffee and a variety of classic breakfast meals like eggs Benedict and Belgian waffles with fresh fruit and Nutella.


Rokeby, 15-9 Jalan Riang, Singapore, +65 9106 0437