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Little India  [ © Khánh Hmoong|Flickr ]
Little India [ © Khánh Hmoong|Flickr ]
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The 10 Best Bars In Little India, Singapore

Picture of Lavanya Nair
Updated: 9 February 2017
The historic neighborhood of Little India in Singapore is full of bars that serve great snacks and meals to go with their drinks. We list the top 10 places to enjoy a night out and some tasty sustenance in this colorful and exciting area.
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Zsofi Tapas Bar

The Zsofi Tapas bar delivers a slice of Spain with their well-made drinks and snacks. With the ‘buy one drink, get one tapas free’ deal, it provides appetizing tidbits without burning a hole in your wallet. The rustic interior has abstract sketches on the walls to add a contemporary touch to a traditional setting. Expect premium brands of alcohol, imported from Spain to preserve the air of authenticity, as well as a menu boasting succulent cuts of meat and fresh portions of seafood.

68 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209396, Singapore, +65 6297 587

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The Prince of Wales Backpacker Pub

Adopting an Aussie theme, The Prince of Wales pub doubles as a hostel for anyone seeking to stretch their dollars the extra mile. It is popular for its laid-back, casual ambience, regular live music performances, showcasing the emerging talent of Singapore and reasonably priced beers. It’s an expansive space filled with TVs and games to fire up your competitive side, and the bar always has a contagious, energetic buzz about it.

101 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209420, Singapore, +65 6299 0130

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Roots Kitchen Bar

With its sophisticated atmosphere, Roots Kitchen Bar treats customers to a fine selection of drinks and a range of dishes, each prepared with delicious simplicity. The bar attracts those looking for a relaxed, but more upscale venue to refuel. Devour a rack of crispy pork while sampling a pint of local beer. The dimly lit ceilings and textured walls are designed to emulate a traditional Mediterranean setting with candles providing the finishing touch to the ambience.

30 Dickson Road, Singapore 209512, Singapore, +6562915679

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Korean Fusion BBQ

This bar boasts an innovative drinks and barbecue menu, that is also strong on pan-Asian cuisine and Korean fusion dishes. If you are craving a traditional Korean BBQ marinade, they have it all in place with 10 different variations of marinated pork belly plus seafood and mushroom varieties. With a clean and chic interior, each wooden table hosts a cutting edge grill to cook on, steel chopsticks and dainty lanterns.

#01-131, 3 Changi Village Road, 500003, +(65)9232 2367

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The Countryside Cafe

The Countryside Cafe accommodates a variety of cuisines, including Indian, pan-Asian and international dishes. Vintage decor is accentuated by records dotting the ceilings and multiple collages. Sample over 100 different brands of beer here, with a sumptuous mutton or vegetable curry, which come highly recommended.

71, Dunlop Street | Little India, Singapore 209399,Singapore, +65 6292 0071

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Cocotte Restaurant & Bar

This contemporary and sleek French style bistro puts emphasis on quality and pays attention to the flavors and aromas that infuse each dish. Enjoy a French 75 (champagne, lemon juice, gin and syrup) and sample the succulent poulet roti (prepared with seasonal vegetables and a creamy gravy), one of the menu’s must-try dishes.

2 Dickson Street, Singapore, Singapore, +6298 1188

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Mantraa Restaurant & Bar

There’s a quaint atmosphere at the Mantraa bar; anointed with adorable fairy lights and balloons to welcome you in. The menu is equally quirky, tailored to suit all palates with delicious Indian dishes such as chili eggs and paneer items (an Indian cheese). Enjoy the easy-listening tunes echoing in the background and treat yourself to drinks that include non-alcoholic items as well.

119 Desker Road | Singapore 209638, Singapore 209638, Singapore, +6593961857

Borsht [ © JIm McDonough/Flickr ]

Borsht | © JIm McDonough/Flickr

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Zeffir Cafe & Bar

Zeffir bar is staffed with waiters who really know their stuff when it comes to Eastern European cuisines. The petite interior welcomes you and invites you to try traditional drinks from Russian and Uzbek cultures such as the kompote (apple and plum) and dishes such as borsht and Uzbek stewed rice.

70 Donlop Street, Singapore, Singapore, +65 63960818

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Jewel Cafe & Bar

Jewel is a laid-back bar that serves a blend of Asian and European cuisines alongside a menu of classic cocktails. Try the spicy chili crab pasta or the creamy foie gras risotto and wash them down with a crisp martini or two.

129 Rangoon Road, 218407, Singapore, +65 62989216

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GRUB Noodle Bar

The health conscious can indulge in MSG-free noodle soups, bursting with tangy flavors, at this favorite local noodle bar. The GRUB noodle bowl, filled with chewy, thick noodles, floating in an intense beef broth and surrounded by vegetables and seafood, is the stand-out dish. Wash down with a cold beer.

221 Rangoon Road, 218459, Singapore, +65 63415631