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Singapore  [ © Bryn Pinzgauer|Flickr]
Singapore [ © Bryn Pinzgauer|Flickr]
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The 10 Best Bars in Lavender, Singapore

Picture of Lavanya Nair
Updated: 15 February 2017
The Lavender district in Singapore is regarded as one of the oldest residential areas accommodating. Those visiting will be pleased to discover that near Lavender are bars that offer you both comfort and affordable prices. Here are the best ones to check out.
Burger [ © Jonathan Lin|Flickr ]
Burger | Flickr ]
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Despite serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, this café cum bar boasts an innovative beverage menu which aims to amuse and aid in alleviating the troubles of the day. Their creative concoctions that include the Good…Let The Hate Flow Through You (comprising absinthe, lemon and ginger beer) along with the Spiced Pisco Sour (pisco, orange, Cajun spice and egg white). Suprette is located on the ground floor of the Wanderlust Hotel, regarded for its uniquely themed rooms inspired by local talent. Savor a mouthwatering burger (produced from prime cuts of beef and topped with crispy greens and sharp cheddar cheese) accompanied by a generous serving of crunchy fries, and appreciate Suprette’s interpretive take on fast food and drinks.

383 JLN Besar | Kam Leng Hotel, Singapore 209001,Singapore, +65 6298-8962

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Blu Jaz Café

Residing in the vibrant street of Bali Lane in Kampong Glam, the Blu Jaz Café is a hipster’s paradise. It showcases live and alternative music stylings. Witness outstanding performances from emerging talent, who adopt a range of genres from heavy metal rock to smooth jazz. The cafe is encased within a two-storey building, the perfect venue for one to indulge in cathartic activities such as dancing on the second floor’s makeshift dance floor. Try your hand at haikus and limericks at the regular poetry slams. Oozing charm and simplicity, it’s no surprise this place attracts many music enthusiasts. They frequent this bar to get their fill of shisha, cheeky drinks and the melodious tunes crooning in the background.

11 Bali Lane, Historic Kampong Glam, Singapore 189848, +65 9199 0610

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The epitome of epic nostalgia, the LongPlay bar will transport you back to an era notorious for dainty Mary Janes, bizarre quiffs and the unsung legends of music: the 1950s. Nestled between Haji Lane and Arab Street, this spot lets you bask in the ambiance of yesteryear. Peruse the extensive collection of vintage records, with genres typical of not only the ’50s but also through to the late 1970s when jazz, Motown and glam rock became more prominent. Their cocktails pay homage to the quintessential artists who have shaped the music industry and inspired current songwriters. Meanwhile, a delectable selection of snacks will keep the fun times going. To maintain the cheery atmosphere, the open kitchen eradicates the metaphorical gap between guests and staff, allowing them to converse and network.

4 Haji Lane, Singapore 189197, Singapore, +6562913323

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Kilo Lounge

Singapore’s cosy Kilo Lounge has now reopened at its new location on Tanjong Pagar Road. Famous for hosting unforgettable parties, fashion shows and even yoga sessions, Kilo’s distinct presence as a space for communication has remained the same despite the change of venue. Half the fun involves getting there; pass graffiti-lined walls to access a jungle walkway before entering a winding tunnel to access the cocktail bar. On Friday nights and throughout the weekend, the shuttered grills closing off the dance floor are lifted and the atmosphere transforms into a vibrant night-life spot.

21 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, +65 9830 6252

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The Beast

Welcoming you with warm affection shown through exquisite southern fried delights, The Beast serves delicious American cuisine. Craving a filling and inexpensive treat? Look no further, as the sinful menu features an assortment of snacks to satiate the ‘beast’ within you. Tuck into tender pulled pork sliders, caramelized to perfection. Then feast your eyes on the extravagant mac and cheese laden with bacon, making the bar a meat-lover’s haven. In keeping with the Southern theme, the Beast hosts stereotypical interior elements such as rusted oil drums, farm house lighting, and wood counter-tops that have seen better days. This all intends to mimic the layouts of infamous pubs during the Wild Wild West era. Soothe your system with the cool burn of a glass of bourbon. With the largest selection in all of Singapore, you’ll never have an excuse not to drink one with your meal.

17 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199329, Singapore, + 6295 0017

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Sing Jazz Club

Situated within the Sultan Hotel, SingJazz Club has a scatting, swaying, swooning ambiance which will help you calm your nerves and unwind. Discover the therapeutic benefits of jazz music as your senses are heightened when witnessing the raw talent of those performing. Marvel at the smooth and majestic voices of the main vocalists and the elegance and poise of the pianist in action. Be treated to creative snacks, a spectacular show and thirst-quenching beverages. With noted professionals such as Ezra Brown, Albare and The Steve McQueens gracing their stage in the past, the bar will come alive with electric buzz and ignite the hidden passions within you.

101 Jalan Sultan | Singapore 199002,Singapore, + 6723 7117

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Residing at the Sultan Hotel, this avant garde, quirky bar is a meeting ground for those desiring to escape the pretentious vibes that usually come attached to such places. Inspired by the chilled out tunes of the ’90s and early 2000s, the bar adopts a laid-back, lax vibe that attracts all seeking a moment of peace or a place to catch up with friends in the company of premium beers, cleverly crafted cocktails and other potent liquors that will pair perfectly with the relaxing ambiance. Don’t miss the chance to attend Friday and Saturday night jams and appreciate the blend of eclectic melodies and refreshing pick-me-ups.

101 Jalan Sultan | #02-01, Singapore 199002,Singapore, +(65)88287084

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Bar Stories

Bar Stories takes an innovative spin on bespoke refreshments that has earned this establishment such an outstanding reputation. Upon arrival, you may notice that the concept of a set menu does not exist. Instead, the staff will ask you a series of questions regarding your preference of alcohol, your tastes and even your current mood, in order to conjure up a customized creation for you to enjoy. The discreet bar is a hidden gem at the heart of the city. It is home to vintage decor with mismatched furniture which adds to the unconventional atmosphere. This makes it a place fit for a casual discourse and gossip among good friends.

57A Haji Lane | Kampong Glam Shophouse,Singapore 189250, Singapore, +65 6298 0838

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Magic Carpet Lounge

An Arabian-themed wonderland that encapsulates the finest of wines and spirits from around the world, The Magic Carpet Lounge also offers a tasty selection of food from the Middle East. This place ingeniously blends seasonal flavors and aromas to present a delicious platter of tidbits to pair with your beverages. With the exuberant drapes and traditional seating, you’ll feel as if you’re in a genie’s lamp, with the Magic Carpet granting your wishes instead. Listen to the popular mixes spun by the DJs that consist of Bollywood hits as well as local toe-tappers. Detect the distinct fragrance of the shisha in the air as you converse in style.

72 Bussorah St, Singapore 199485 ,Singapore, +65 9171 2685

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Babette Restaurant & Bar

Raising the standards of European cuisine to an extraordinary level, Babette endeavors to give you a newfound appreciation for the gastronomy of both the East and West. This place also serves much adored beverages. Tease your taste buds with an assortment of bites from the impressive tapas bar, and sample a chili crab pasta or a Babette chirashi donburi. These both contain a personal zest that enhances their visual aesthetic and intrigue. A refreshing mix of liquor would be the perfect end to a satisfying meal, allowing you to take in the sleek surroundings with contemporary undertones.

#01-03, 165 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207569, +65 6341 7727