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Terminal 1 - Curbside and Facade | Courtesy of Changi Airport
Terminal 1 - Curbside and Facade | Courtesy of Changi Airport
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Guide To Changi Singapore, The World's Best Airport Since 2013

Picture of Prianka Ghosh
Updated: 9 February 2017
It used to be a contest between Seoul’s Incheon Airport and Singapore’s Changi Airport; however, since 2013, Changi has consistently been voted the best airport in the world by the World Airport Awards. It’s no surprise that Changi wins this distinction, because it is the model in not just airport efficiency, but architecture, shopping, dining, and entertainment as well.

How To Travel Between The City And The Airport

The cheapest (and often quickest) method of getting to and from Changi is by using the MRT. Taking the EastWest (Green) MRT line costs $2.00 and takes about 30 minutes and although it requires one transfer, this transfer simply involves crossing over to the other side of a platform. The more expensive way to travel is via taxi, however, between the airport surcharges, the toll gates downtown and traffic this method will cost you $30 and will likely take even longer. When travelling from the airport to the city, there is also the $9 hotel shuttle which is a good in-between for cost and convenience, since it will deliver you directly to your hotel.

Airport Efficiency

The most frustrating thing about being in the airport is standing in endless queues. Changi has taken considerable actions to mitigate this as much as possible. If you’re flying with the local low-cost carriers, you can print your boarding pass from a kiosk, get it stamped, and you’re on your way. Of course, if you’re dropping off luggage, this process will take a little longer. Another way that Changi has streamlined service is by moving the security scanners away from the immigration area and instead, each flight has its own gate where you go through security scanners.

Instant Customer Feedback
Instant Customer Feedback | Courtesy of Changi Airport

Airport Entertainment

Airlines request that passengers arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to their flight to avoid delays, so you may be thinking that Changi’s efficiency will leave you bored – but this is certainly not the case. The airport is full of comfortable lounge seating and for people who want to use their computers, every seat is equipped with its own charging point.

Transit Resting Areas
Transit Resting Areas | Courtesy of Changi Airport

If you’d prefer to spend your last few hours in Singapore doing something relaxing, Changi airport has many options for your entertainment. For nature lovers, in Terminal 1 you’ll find an outdoor Cactus Garden, Terminal 2 is home to a Sunflower Garden, and Terminal 3 has an outdoor Butterfly Garden.