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Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool | © SoleneC1 / Pixabay
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15 Amazing Things To Do in Singapore Before You're 30

Picture of Tarandip Kaur
Updated: 13 April 2018
If you really want the quintessential Singaporean experience, there are some key experiences to be had. A combination of these will make your trip a conclusive adventure and one you absolutely won’t forget.

ZoukOut Beach Party

Touted as Asia’s biggest dance party festival set on a beach, this party on Siloso Beach, Sentosa is a massive celebration that brings in a huge crowd from near and far. Perfect for partying as it ends in the wee hours and features numerous famous acts in attendance from across the globe.

Explore the Southern Islands

Even while in Singapore, you might want to consider a short getaway to the reclusive Southern Islands. Most of the islands are a short ferry flight away but offer stunning scenery, fascinating legends and isolated quiet spots to laze the afternoon away. There is also history to be explored, such as on Kusu Island, there’s a Taoist temple that is bound to the folklore of the island

Cocktails you wouldn’t want to miss trying | © Alem Sanchez / Pexels

Bar hopping

The thing to understand about this is that a lot of bars offer some interesting experiences that can only be found in Singapore. For example, bars that mix local cuisines into specialty cocktails or bars that delight in bringing you to another world altogether. Singapore has some of the more lesser-explored drinks scene, so this should be scoped out if you really like your booze and tend to sleep late.

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool | © SoleneC1 / Pixabay

Take a splash at the Infinity Pool

This is a popular attraction, being the world’s largest rooftop pool that overlooks the cityscape while allowing you to be right at the edge. Imagine the experience of being right on top of the world, or in this case, Singapore. Just be sure to check the weather in advance as you make your way here.

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore, +65 6688 8868

Go grave hunting at Bukit Brown Cemetery | © Jnzl's Photos / Flickr

Go grave exploring at Bukit Brown

This is not just any haunted tour charade, Bukit Brown Cemetery is a fantastic relic of Singapore’s history. The graves here belong mostly to Chinese individuals but they are intricate, striking and very particular to Singapore, especially its colonial history. Some of them for example have Sikh statues as the Sikh men were famed for their bravery, seemingly in the afterlife as well.

Bukit Brown Cemetery, 36C Lor Halwa, Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix 2009 | © LG전자 / Flickr

F1 Singapore

The only F1 race in the world to happen at night, this is a spectacular sight to behold. For youngsters, be ready to experience something straight out the movies, as the usually calm and collected Singapore becomes a revving hotspot of burning tires, as cars skid past all the key landmarks right in the center of the city.

Go on a culinary tour

This has become a national pastime here. You will see schoolkids heading right out of their campus to their favourite stomping grounds or unearthing new ones. In essence, for a city that is constantly hungry, there are always things to discover. Head to buffets, hawker centres or restaurants and cafes and ask friends or strangers for any advice. This will be a bloated but memorable experience.

The colourful Rochor Center estate | © inmacus / Pixabay

Venture outside and straight into the heartlands

The most important bit to note here is the fact that Singapore is always in flux, never constant. What’s there initially, may very well disappear the next time you visit. So going out into the heartlands will be one of the ways to experience a landscape that might disappear but offers such rich history. We have already in the last couple of years lost such delights as Rochor Centre and Dakota Crescent Estates due to urban redevelopment.

Laneway Festival

This is one of the most up-and-coming events that has been growing in popularity. This indie music event that has been helped by some big names in the alternative and indie scene from across the globe, and always throws in surprises with some really neat regional and unknown underground acts performing as well.

All audiophiles should hit up this festival | © Thomas Galvez / Flickr

Rent a yacht, host a boat party

This should be a no-brainer for a tropical island such as Singapore. Though there are some options available, a lot of it is dependent on budget. So hustle up some friends or family and try out what is probably the most deluxe experience on this list, as you scour about the island and out into the sea for a day of revelry on the deck.

Singapore Public Housing Void Deck
Singapore Public Housing Void Deck | © mailer_diablo / Wikicommons

Lepak (relax) at the void deck

This is a must for anyone in Singapore to have engaged in once before they reach 30. For a lot of youngsters, these sessions have built bonds and relationships that have lasted a lifetime. The key aspect to this is to understand how in a very safe and controlled environment, these nightly meet-ups provide a respite and ability to just relax and talk and breathe in the heartland air, with a little less attention from the hustle and bustle during the day.

Club till you drop

As can be seen, partying is quite a pastime in Singapore. This can be expressed in the myriad of clubs on offer. There is the famous Clarke Quay area and Zouk, but there are also some fascinating unique halls such as Bhangra clubs, Vietnamese clubs, Japanese-style clubs and even some old school Chinese clubs that offer more, classical offerings.

Ghost hunting

This is actually a very intriguing pursuit that a lot of Singaporeans have engaged in during their youth. The ever popular Old Changi Hospital is the most popular space for youths to explore when it comes to ghost hunting, but there are other spots as well. The key with this is that due to local superstitions and old-school dares by friends, we see new spots popping up, often with a very muddy history being touted as a ‘ghost zone’ and people are immediately attracted to exploring that area or building.

Head to Marina Barrage for some kite flying | © cegoh / Pixabay

Fly a kite

Not just any type of kite but an event of sorts. Marina Barrage is often packed with people who fly kites due to its wide open space and generally windy atmosphere. Contrary to what you might see here, kite-flying is not as common in Singapore as elsewhere, but around the Marina Barrage, it becomes this huge popular sport where families and individuals come together to enjoy some classic fun. Also, you will get to see some really wild, big designer, or personally-made kites here.

Marina Barrage, 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore

Thaipusam in Singapore | © William Cho / Flickr

Visit the Thaipusam festival

This is probably the most colourful festival in Singapore and an interesting contrast to how it’s practised, compared to other festivals elsewhere. We get to see how this old Hindu ritual that commemorates Parvati giving Murugan a vel (a type of sacred javelin/spear), plays in Singapore where the backdrop juxtaposes differently to the tradition itself. It’s also a key aspect of how people manage despite the odds and challenges to preserve a well-worn tradition and celebrate it with immense devotion, even if the procession itself goes past a constantly fluctuating and erratic landscape.