Top Things To See and Do in Siargao, Philippines

Sunset Surfing at Cloud 9 beach, Siargao, Philippines
Sunset Surfing at Cloud 9 beach, Siargao, Philippines | Kit Dale / © Culture Trip
Photo of Ronica Valdeavilla
Writer7 June 2018

Recently, a movie entitled Siargao was shown in Philippine cinemas. Shot in the teardrop-shaped island and featuring familiar stories of its locality, the film further attracted tourists to come and see what Siargao has to offer. Whether you’ve watched the movie or viewed the amazing photos of Siargao taken by travelers, here’s the list you should bring if you head over to the Surf Capital.

See the Barreling Waves and Surf

Sunset Surfing at Cloud 9 beach, Siargao, Philippines | Kit Dale / © Culture Trip

The first thing on the list is the following: Learn how to surf (for beginners), and surf through the barreling waves (for experienced surfers). There are numerous surf breaks in Siargao where both seasoned surfers and beginners can enjoy fast and tubing waves. Beginners will have fun in Tuason’s Point because there are fast waves that break over shallow reefs, and paddling is quick and easy. But, those who have been surfing for a while will enjoy a week-long vacation in the island, as they can test their surf skills in Cloud 9, which is ranked as one of the top 10 spots across the globe for its waves. The ideal time to surf is between the months of July to December.

Island Hop

Walking along the shore | © Milet Miranda/Flickr

Aside from surfing, another popular activity tourists and surfers will enjoy is to go island hopping. Only a short long-tail boat trip away from General Luna, visitors can enjoy a whole day trip visiting Guyam Island, Daku Island, and Naked Island. Each island has a different experience to offer and unique scenic views, yet all have crystal clear water and white sand beaches that create a relaxing and refreshing ambiance.

Go on a Food Trip

Surfboard in Siargao Island | © MPMP / Shutterstock

Because many local and foreign tourists are being drawn to the natural beauty of Siargao, several restaurants and coffee shops found within General Luna have become popular. Find all-natural vegan dishes, world-class international cuisine, and native Philippine specialty meals served at various restaurants. Meanwhile, coffee lovers can get a taste of a range of espresso varieties, and tourists can take their pick of a wide array of smoothies and other drink specialties at local cafes and coffee shops.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Magpupungko Rock Pool and beach, Siargao, Phillipines | Kit Dale / © Culture Trip

Still have enough energy after being sun-kissed and crashing through the waves all day? Take a breather, and enjoy the nightlife of Siargao Island! The Surf Capital can get you dancing, mingling, and drinking at night in popular hangout places like Bravo Beach Resort, Viento Del Mar, and RumBar. Apart from these options, the so-called Jungle Disco (dubbed as a Siargao institution) shouldn’t be missed out on. Drinking and dancing can last until four or five in the morning, and expect a hangover because they only serve three drinks: Tanduay Coca-Cola, Jungle Juice pitchers, or Red Horse Beer.

Cool Down at Taktak Falls

For first-timers or travel enthusiasts, it’s never enough to visit the popular hangout places or try the most common activities. Take a step further, and find out what’s unique to the island. For instance, take a full-day adventure up north on the island, and head over to Siargao’s only waterfall: Taktak Falls. Here, you can experience cliff jumping, tree jumping, and explore the top of the falls while you take a break from surfing or roaming around the island.

Attend a Yoga Class

Yoga Studio
Beach yoga
Beach yoga | © Gary Skirrow/Pixabay
With more surfers and travel junkies visiting Siargao, it can be pretty busy and hectic whether it’s peak season or not. That’s because there are so many activities to do within a limited time period. But since there are tourists who also want to enjoy a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, restaurants and resorts offer yoga classes for those seeking a refreshing retreat within the island. Relax, focus, and remove tension from your mind by attending a Vinyasa Yoga class.

Head to Magpupungko Rock Pool

Magpupungko Rock Pool, Siargao, Phillipines | Kit Dale / © Culture Trip

Magpupungko Rock Pool is one of Siargao’s latest tourist attractions. Roughly an hour away from the surf spots in the island, this recreational spot leaves visitors in awe of its intricate rock formations and clear turquoise-colored water. Within the area, you can go for a swim, dive, jump from the rocks, or simply enjoy the wondrous views, leaving you captivated by nature’s creative way of developing a tidal pool from the sea. Visit the Magpupungko Rock; it has stood the test of time (and typhoons). The rock formation is unique and attention-grabbing, as you don’t usually see a big rock sitting on top of a smaller rock. Hence, the name ‘magpupungko’ which means ‘sit’ in the Visayan language.

Explore the Tayangban Cave

Tayangban Cave, Siargao, Philippines | Kit Dale / © Culture Trip

Another new tourist attraction in the island, this new swimming hole was opened in 2015 and immediately caught the attention of both local and foreign tourists. It has become popular among travelers because of the blue water coming from the Pacific Ocean and the cave where stalactite and stalagmite forms are found. You can enjoy swimming in the hole, lurking inside the cave, or cliff diving — whatever activity will bring you an adrenaline rush.

Walk Barefoot in Alegria Beach

Beachfront in Siargao | © Milet Miranda/Flickr

This secluded beach area is surely worth a visit because of its quiet environment (only a few locals hang out) and beautiful coastline. If peace is what you seek, then you’ll find that walking barefoot along its shores’ long stretch of pure white sand is both satisfying and calming to the senses. Plus, non-surfers will enjoy the gentle waves and a more calm sea.

Catch the Beautiful Sunset

Sunset in Siargao | © N8Allen / Shutterstock

End an adventure-filled day full of activities with a serene and memorable moment. Catch the beautiful sunset view over the water in Siargao, and you’ll find yourself appreciating this breathtaking scenario. While Cloud 9 may be an easy spot to catch the sunset, staying at the Mangrove Wharf allows you to see how the sun slowly reflects off the water in a less-crowded environment.

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