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<a href=""> Woman traveling | © Unsplash / Pexels</a>
<a href=""> Woman traveling | © Unsplash / Pexels</a>
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These Female Filipino Travellers Are Inspiring Wanderlust

Picture of Gelyka Dumaraos
Updated: 4 August 2017
Women are not afraid to travel the world and have been doing so for a very long time. Even when there is a chance for a few struggles along the way, female travellers still follow their dreams of seeing places, meeting people, and experiencing different cultures.

Filipino female explorers are not new to this scene. In fact, there are a bunch of Filipinas who are carving a reputation in the travelling world. Culture Trip has created this list of Filipinas who not only inspire their fellow countrymen but also people from other countries around the world with their adventures.

Trisha Velarmino

Trisha considers herself a world citizen, after taking a big leap from pursuing a career in fashion (she studied in Milan, Italy) to becoming a digital nomad and traveller. Her love for football was also a big influence on her journeys, as she went places to watch matches. For this millennial, Trisha believes in travelling for long stretches at a time (mostly three months and up) so that she can immerse herself in the culture, savour the food, learn new languages, and know more about the place through its people. She now calls Tel Aviv home.

Gael Hilotin

Gael is known on the female solo travelling scene as The Pinay Solo Backpacker. Her blog of the same title, which she started in 2012, is brimming with many details of the places she has visited. In 2012, Gael travelled for several months within the Philippines (she has gone to all 81 provinces), and it was during this time when she realised that exploring the world was something she wanted to pursue. Her followers always check out her helpful and detailed travel guides, tips and how-tos. If you are visiting the Philippines, Gael has some fantastic itineraries for you.

Aleah Taboclaon

Aleah is a freelance writer and editor who documents her travel experiences through her blog, Solitary Wanderer. She has gone to different places in Asia, the Middle East, and North and South America. Aleah is also the author who wrote the viral piece ‘Date A Girl Who Travels’, which has been translated into several languages. When not travelling, Aleah is busy training for her next marathon or trying out other adventures such as diving and caving.

Aileen Adalid

Aileen is from the beautiful and remote island of Batanes, located in the northernmost portion of the Philippines. The Ivatan girl decided to quit her corporate job to venture into freelancing until she launched her blog, I Am Aileen. Her mission is to help people who want to learn how to pursue travelling while still maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. She is also a graphic artist and an entrepreneur.

Kara Santos

Kara is not your ordinary traveller; she is also a gamer and a motorcycle enthusiast. When not out of the country, Kara is travelling by land with her motorbike or taking beautiful photographs to accompany her in-depth travel stories.

Courtesy of Kara Santos
Courtesy of Kara Santos

Kach Medina

Kach Medina had a thriving career in the oil industry in Kurdistan, but she wanted to do more outside of her cubicle. She started travelling with her siblings and eventually on her own to different parts of Asia, where she met her future husband, Jon. Together, they have travelled the world and juggled odds jobs to survive and sustain their lifestyle. Despite being married, Kach is still exploring parts of the world solo and checking off her bucket list to see every country in the world with a Filipino passport, including Antarctica. Next year, in 2018, she and Jon are set to sail on their newly purchased boat, S/V Empress.