An Adventure Lover's Guide to Boracay, Philippines

Boracay sunset | © Christian Manalo/Flickr
Boracay sunset | © Christian Manalo/Flickr
Photo of Gelyka Dumaraos
29 August 2017

Visitors should never run out of ideas on what to do in Boracay Island. Whether you are a slow traveller wanting to immerse on the island for a long time, or a weekend backpacker who wishes to make the most out of a short stay, Boracay caters for every kind of wanderer. For adventure-seekers in particular, Boracay Island offers not just frolicking by the beach or hanging out in bars, it has an array of thrilling experiences waiting to be experienced. Here’s some to try.

Go spelunking

The caves will always have much to offer when it comes to the curious traveller. In Boracay Island, where the longest cave in the Philippines is housed, tourists can immerse themselves on an Indiana Jones tour. Basang Cave in Nabas awaits adventure seekers who love freshwater springs, forests, and wildlife. Cap off your tour with a hearty barbecue lunch.

Nabas Seascape | © Ree Dexter/Flickr

Cliff diving at Ariel’s Point

What’s an island getaway without cliff jumping? Ariel’s Point, the place where many visitors frequent for its cliff diving spots, suits all. You decide whether you want to try the lowest cliff or the higher ones. Whatever your trip, the experience of free falling and splashing your body in the depths of the deep blue water is surreal. The smiles and satisfaction tourists have are evidence of this. The rock island is half an hour away from Boracay’s White Beach.

Swim like a mermaid

Ever wondered what it’s like to become a mermaid for a day? In Boracay, there are affordable mermaid lessons you can take for 90 minutes with a certified Mermaid Instructor. Depending on what you like, swim in nearby depths or go diving as a mermaid, you will be taught four swimming techniques to equip you on how to perfectly swim like one up to 10 meters in depth.

When you want to take mermaid swimming on a more serious note, you can also take the Advanced Mermaiding Course where you will be taught how to do handstands, bubble-blowing, and other tricks and rescue exercises. Mermaid tails and scuba diving gear can be rented out.

Kite boarding

Boracay’s thriving kite boarding activity is world-renowned. The island’s Bulabog beach is considered as the best kite surfing spot in Asia with its shallow blue waters’ and strong winds. It also has a reef which helps in having strong winds just right for beginners and advanced kite boarding.

Bulabog beach | © Roman Nuritdinov/Flickr

Rough road adventure

When you are done with the water activities, it’s time to hit the land. Try having a rough road adventure on the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) as your wander in the bushy side of Boracay Island.

Take a trail to the northern coast of the island, where pathways consist of sharp curves, rocky uphill roads, and deep slopes that will set your adrenaline rushing. While you are at it, take some rest on uphill pathways with the pristine beach as the backdrop.

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Reverse Bungy

Take your adrenaline rush to a higher level with Reverse Bungy. This ride lets you rise 60 meters above sea levels at 200kph. See the entire beauty of the island in a flash as you and your friends experience a thrilling ride.

Helicopter tour

Who says Boracay Island can only be toured via land and water? You can still explore the island by seeing it through a helicopter ride. In just 15 minutes of touring, you can see the beauty of the entire island and its beaches—Diniwid Beach, White Beach, Puka Beach, and Bulabog Beach, plus get a glimpse of the Tambisaan Reef.

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