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Canvas Boutique Hotel © Canvas Boutique Hotel /
Canvas Boutique Hotel © Canvas Boutique Hotel /

The Best Boutique Hotels in Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Picture of Ronica Valdeavilla
Updated: 11 January 2018

For guests seeking a pleasurable and memorable stay, a boutique hotel will surely give them that personal, welcoming ambience – giving a warm touch like living within the comforts of their own home. As Puerto Princesa City continuously attracts tourists with its wondrous greeneries and picturesque views, these boutique hotels have amped-up their game by highlighting different themes, offering a range of services, and providing delectable meals to complete their travel experience.

Munting Paraiso


Munting Paraiso © Munting Paraiso /

This boutique hotel stays true to its name – Munting Paraiso means Little Paradise. This Philippine/Swiss-owned hotel gives guests a taste of paradise with its natural environment, simple yet elegant bungalows, and comfortable accommodation. The hotel is also PWD-friendly, makes use of solar-powered lights, and boasts a Japanese Garden. It also serves local and Western cuisine so anyone has a variety of food choices. Within 15 minutes or less away from the airport, reaching this tiny paradise instantly sets one’s mood for a much-awaited holiday vacation.

Canvas Boutique Hotel


Canvas Boutique Hotel © Canvas Boutique Hotel /

If you’re someone who loves everything about the arts, you’ll surely enjoy staying at the Canvas Boutique Hotel in Puerto Princesa. At every turn, there’s an artistic vibe with either colourful murals and paintings, or intricate details that reflect the culture and tell stories of Palawan. Even the walls speak for itself, highlighting visual artists and awakening the artistic spirits of guests. What else is to love about this place? Well, they have the Painted Table, which features the hotel’s homey culinary comfort; the Drawing Room, which can be the perfect place for meetings and conferences; and the Canvas Team that’s best known for outstanding hospitality.

Hibiscus Garden Inn


Hibiscus Garden Inn © Hibiscus Garden Inn /

This boutique hotel is not only affordable, it’s also spacious, homey, and vibrant with strong tropical energy. Located at the heart of Palawan, Hibiscus Garden Inn provides fully-furnished rooms with a relaxing ambience to bring utmost comfort and ensure that guests will have an enjoyable stay. The overall simplicity of the place is truly refreshing. See hammocks right in front of your doorstep, inviting you to lay down and enjoy the fresh air. Apart from the friendly staff, clean accommodations, and ideal location, Hibiscus Garden Inn also takes pride in its restaurant. The hotel’s fusions of Asian and European dishes are made of fresh and organic ingredients.

Acacia Tree Garden Hotel


Acacia Tree Garden Hotel © Acacia Tree Garden Hotel /

Enjoying a nice, sunny day at the pool while taking a sip of your favourite fresh fruit shake sounds like a great idea for anyone, right? Acacia Tree Garden Hotel fulfils those needs, providing guests with aesthetically beautiful homes to stay in and a lush garden filled with Acacia trees for a refreshing atmosphere. And if you have a hectic schedule of tours, they provide guests with packed lunches. Should you prefer to eat at the hotel, they have a poolside dining area as well.

Dolce Vita Hotel


Dolce Vita Hotel © Dolce Vita Hotel /

Because of the demand of visitors who enjoyed staying in its cosy and homey atmosphere, the originally designed private villa for its German owner soon opened its doors to the public in 2006. The boutique hotel’s name truly reflects its interiors. Returning guests loved staying in Dolce Vita to lay on canopy beds, to enjoy the serene view while clearing one’s mind, and to have a good time at the Garden Restaurant. Apart from its unique design and impeccable architecture, guests also adore the hotel’s accommodating staff and its location close to major tourist attractions.

Southwind Resort Palawan


Southwind Resort Palawan © Southwind Resort Palawan /

Simple yet structurally classy is how guests would describe the Southwind Resort Palawan. This tropical hideaway ensures its guests will achieve relaxation in a peaceful and quiet place. As one of the newest hotels making its mark in the city of Puerto Princesa, this boutique hotel hopes to stand out for their customer-focused services and facilities. Only 10 minutes away from the city’s airport, Southwind Palawan offers a city tour, firefly-watching, Honda Bay Inter-island and Underground River tours.

Puerto Pension


Puerto Pension © Puerto Pension /

Immerse yourself in native-inspired surroundings that will give you a taste of what it’s really like to live in the Philippines in the past with the boutique hotel’s Bahay Kubo (traditional Filipino hut) concept. Puerto Pension’s rooms have eco-friendly, air-conditioned rooms, with walls and ceilings decorated with indigenous materials. Every morning guests are also treated to a panoramic sunrise view over the Puerto Princesa Bay while having a delicious breakfast at the hotel’s Tribu Roof Restaurant. At the end of a long day of island-hopping tours and exploring the major attractions of Puerto Princesa, Puerto Pension’s rooms reward their guests with comfortable mattresses and vivid hues of greens for instant relaxation.