The Best Boutique Hotels in El Nido, Philippines

Balai Adlao | © Balai Adlao/
Balai Adlao | © Balai Adlao/
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Writer14 January 2018

By providing a more intimate ambiance, budget-friendly rates, and offering personalized accommodation and style, it’s no wonder that some tourists are choosing boutique hotels over larger, traditional ones. Tourists prefer to experience tranquility, privacy, and comfort during their stay in El Nido and therefore, these boutique hotels have set up their rooms and surroundings in a way that will lead to pleasurable experiences among their guests.

One El Nido Suite, Osmeña Street

Boutique Hotel
3/5 (1 Reviews)
One El Nido Suite
One El Nido Suite | © One El Nido Suite/

Combining high-class service and environmental responsibility, One El Nido Suite is making its mark in the hotel industry by offering guests a memorable stay within the comforts of a humble yet elegant abode. This eco-friendly boutique hotel is equipped with a range of amenities and facilities, and the hotel has vibrant, cozy spaces, which add a warm and intimate touch. Located in the heart of El Nido, the hotel’s location is accessible to different means of transportation, making it easier to reach tourist attractions within the municipality.

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Amakan Bed | Bunk | Breakfast, El Nido

Boutique Hotel, Budget Hotel
Map View
Amakan Bed Bunk Breakfast
Amakan Bed Bunk Breakfast | © Amakan Bed Bunk Breakfast /

Be captivated by scenic views, surround yourself with greeneries, and after a day tour, find yourself relaxing within the comforts of this Filipino boutique bed and breakfast. Amakan – Bed | Bunk | Breakfast serves local and international cuisine at any time of the day and provides a comfortable and cozy ambiance to guests. Only six minutes away from El Nido beach and offering a rooftop terrace, what more could you ask for in this traditional-style hotel?

Cadlao Resort & Restaurant, El Nido

Boutique Hotel
4.3/5 (398 Reviews)
Cadlao Resort & Restaurant
© Cadlao Resort & Restaurant/

In the local Cuyonon language, cadlao simply means “laughter,” and this is what Cadlao Resort & Restaurant promises to its guests: to bring them smiles and laughter while staying at their boutique hotel. Apart from their picturesque views that instantly give any traveler relaxation, this tropical haven recognizes its responsibility to the environment. They have installed solar energy panels to reduce their consumption of non-renewable energy. They have a poolside restaurant that specializes in international cuisine, spa treatment rooms, and offer water activities such as motor boating, sailing, and snorkeling.

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Balai Adlao, Lio Estate Resort, El Nido Palawan

Boutique Hotel
Map View
Balai Adlao
Balai Adlao | © Balai Adlao/

Offering a crafted experience of comfort, peace, and rejuvenation within the beautiful island of Palawan, Balai Adlao promises guests a unique travel experience while committing itself to preserve Palawan’s natural beauty. Designed to give guests a peaceful retreat and meditation, this boutique hotel uplifts guests’ moods so they can unwind and clear their minds from the stresses of life. Balai Adlao’s easy access to Lio’s virgin beaches and breathtaking landscapes makes it an ideal hotel destination.

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  • El Nido Garden Beach Resort, Palawan

    Boutique Hotel
    4.2/5 (51 Reviews)
    El Nido Garden Beach Resort
    El Nido Garden Beach Resort | © El Nido Garden Beach Resort/

    El Nido Garden Beach Resort captures the modern-contemporary Filipino architectural design to provide its guests with relaxing accommodation and exceptional services. The resort is located near the islands of Samiso, 7 Commando, Helicopter Island, as well as Big and Small Lagoon, making it more convenient to go on island hopping tours and to try other activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and cave and waterfall exploring.

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    Last Frontier Beach Resort, El Nido

    Boutique Hotel
    4.4/5 (76 Reviews)
    Last Frontier Beach Resort
    Last Frontier Beach Resort | © Last Frontier Beach Resort/

    A small boutique hotel which guarantees a peaceful and relaxing experience, staying at Last Frontier Beach Resort’s cottages and suites gives guests a chance to enjoy the beautiful views of the stunning Bacuit Bay and to catch the incomparable sunset view. This hotel is ideal for couples, honeymooners, and partners who want to spend their alone time immersing themselves in these wondrous surroundings. The hotel does not allow children within their premises, a rule that gives couples the chance to deeply connect, have private conversations, and do different activities together such as swimming, bicycling, and scuba diving.

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    The Nest El Nido Beach Resort, Palawan

    Boutique Hotel
    Map View
    The Nest El Nido Beach Resort
    The Nest El Nido Beach Resort | ©  The Nest El Nido Beach Resort /

    Situated along Sitio Caalan Beach, The Nest El Nido Beach Resort gives the most spectacular views of Cadlao Island and Bacuit Bay. They have a restaurant where guests can get unlimited views of the blue skies and turquoise waters. And, on top of their resort lies a large yoga floor where anyone can meditate and do yoga poses while clearing their minds and listening to the ocean’s waves. As the property is family-owned, guests also get a glimpse of the hotel owners’ passion and how they are very hands-on with managing their staff and attending to customers, as well as how they put their hearts into running their business.

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