The 10 Best Restaurants in Siargao, Philippines

Villa Maya Siargao
Villa Maya Siargao | Image Courtesy of Villa Maya Siargao
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Writer24 December 2017

Siargao, Philippines is known not only for its barreling waves, beautiful scenery, and natural attractions that draw in surfers from around the world. This small and previously unknown island in the Southern part of the Philippines is also home to world-class cuisine, healthy food choices, and local food specialties. In this article, we’ve listed the 10 best restaurants in Siargao that you and your friends and family should visit soon!

Shaka Siargao

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Breakfast Selections
Breakfast Selections | Image Courtesy of Shaka Siargao

If you want a healthy, digestive retreat, Shaka Siargao is the place to go. Famous for their colourful and creative smoothie bowls and cold-pressed juices served all-day long, your health-conscious self will thank the heavens for finding this upbeat restaurant bar in the country’s Surf Capital. Shaka’s signature bowls are the Bom Dia, Green Out, and Bukawana Bowl. Restaurant owners are also environmentally-concerned so don’t expect to see plastic straws – they’re using papaya stalks!

Bravo Restaurant

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Paella | © Bravo Restaurant

Want to enjoy a pleasurable dining experience in Siargao? Head over to Bravo Beach Resort’s in-house restaurant, where you’ll enjoy watching the bare and beautiful beach view while having a taste of delicious, authentic Spanish cuisine. Their reputed Executive Chef, David Lopez, received the award for ‘Best Restaurant in the Philippines 2014’ by Tatler. Don’t miss their well-known Spanish dishes such as Spanish Tapas and Paella!

Kermit Siargao Surf Hotel and Restaurant

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Have a taste of world-class Italian cuisine at Kermit Siargao Restaurant. Their delicious, mouth-watering pizzas should be on everyone’s dine-in list. That’s because they serve fresh, high-quality ingredients imported from Italy and mixed with local ingredients from their local market and organic farm. They change their menu specials every once in a while so you’ll definitely be convinced to go back and try their latest specialty. And by the way, their pizza dough and bread are made from scratch and served fresh daily.

Kawayan Siargao Resort - Fine Dining Restaurant

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Kawayan's Specialty
Kawayan's Specialty | © Kawayan Siargao Resort

Inspired by French, Basque, Moroccan, and Filipino cuisine, Kawayan Resort’s restaurant features specialty dishes within a comfortable and relaxing ambience. The restaurant also has a selection of imported and local beer, wine, and spirits – perfect to end your day at the beach! Their bakery, Kawayan Gourmand, is also home to the island’s best croissants – the best pastries that would make your taste buds cheer!

The Peace Kitchen - Lotus Shores Siargao

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No-Dairy Scramble | Image Courtesy of The Peace Kitchen - Lotus Shores Siargao
No-Dairy Scramble | Image Courtesy of The Peace Kitchen - Lotus Shores Siargao | No-Dairy Scramble | Image Courtesy of The Peace Kitchen - Lotus Shores Siargao

The Peace Kitchen is situated within the confines of a quiet sanctuary called Lotus Shores Siargao – known for its relaxing haven and home to those who like yoga and meditational spaces. The restaurant serves only all-natural, vegan food products, which are perfect alternatives to the meals we’re familiar with. They have their own farm so you can ensure that the vegetables are home-grown and are always fresh. Get a delightful food experience while taking on a spiritual escape at the Peace Kitchen.

Viento Del Mar Siargao Restaurant

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Viento Del Mar Facade | © Viento Del Mar /

Originally built as a privately-owned residence, Viento Del Mar Siargao became a popular homey hangout place transformed into a hotel resort within the island of the Philippines’ Surf Capital. It’s a fusion-focused restaurant that features dishes carefully-selected by Chef Kirby Lucero. And with his remarkable culinary experience, the team behind Viento Del Mar Siargao Restaurant source their ingredients locally to ensure that they’re always fresh. Must-taste meals are their Premium Eggs Benedict, Chicken Cordon Blue, and Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese.

Villa Maya Siargao Island

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Villa Maya Siargao
Villa Maya Siargao | Image Courtesy of Villa Maya Siargao

Get an unusual dining experience in a luxurious, tropically-modern three-storey villa situated atop a hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Their in-house restaurant is known for serving Israeli cuisine combined with international influences. Enjoy the peaceful view while having the best taste of their Shawarma wrap, Hummus, and Falafel.

Mama's Grill

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Looking for a good-tasting meal to munch on while at the beach? Experience the most budget-friendly BBQ grill in Siargao by visiting Mama’s Grill – Siargao Island’s go-to place for their tasty grilled Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ, Grilled Marlin, and Isaw (skewered chicken intestines). Expect that it’s not an ordinary barbecue stand like the ones you can find on the streets – their tasty BBQ meat is so good that it sells out quickly!

Kalinaw Resort Siargao

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Two French guys were in search of a tropical life and they accomplished this dream through Kalinaw Resort in Siargao Island. The resort is also home to a restaurant that boasts good and fresh European cuisine featuring Spring Rolls, Ricotta Ravioli, and Fish carpaccio. Pizzas are must-haves as they prepare each in their wood-fired oven.

Harana Surf Resort

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When translated in English, ‘Harana’ simply means serenade. Hence, the resort markets itself as one that woos customers with the island’s beauty and their resort’s uniqueness. This modernised resort boasts delicious Filipino treats with a twist. For instance, instead of the traditional adobo that most Filipinos love, they offer adobo bibimbap. Another crowd favourite is the famous halo-halo – which is not in a bowl but inside a coconut. It’s definitely a refreshing treat when hitting the beach.