Meet the Travel Bloggers Who Fell in Love with the Philippines

Loving life in the Philippines | © Bernard Spragg.NZ/Flickr
Loving life in the Philippines | © Bernard Spragg.NZ/Flickr
Photo of Gelyka Dumaraos
24 July 2017

It’s not surprising to see travelers falling in love with the beauty of the Philippines. From Filipino hospitality to the food, culture, and breathtaking scenery of this archipelago, it’s a country that deserves to be loved. Here are some travel bloggers who have confessed their love of the Philippines after visiting.

Nathan Allen of I Dreamed of This

Nathan Allen fell in love with the Philippines because of its culture. He considers Filipinos to be the most hospitable, soulful, and happy people he has ever met. This travel blogger and photographer also loves the Filipino resilience in times of struggles, the close family ties, the culture of sharing, and of course, the food. Nathan also professes his interest in riding jeepneys and seeing people belt their hearts out to karaoke, which is a notable part of every Filipino gathering.

Jonathan Howe of Two Monkeys Travel

Jonathan Howe is a British backpacker who quit his stable job in the UK to see the world. He is the other half of the popular travel blog Two Monkeys Travel, along with his Filipina wife Kach Medina, whom he met while backpacking.

The Philippines has captured this man’s heart, with its food and unique culture. In an article of his that went viral, “What I Learned from Dating a Filipino Woman,” he cited how amazed he is by Filipino breakfasts, and that now he’s become so accustomed to eating rice in the morning that he gets mood swings if he doesn’t do so by 9am! Jonathan also loves karaoke, the art of haggling, and how Filipinos welcome him into their homes with open arms.

Will Hatton of The Broke Backpacker

What stands out the most to Will Hatton, a British backpacker, is the Philippines’ rich culture. He has documented his journey to meet 97-year-old tribal tattoo artist, Whang Od, in Buscalan, Kalinga, in the northern Philippines. He waited for years to be inked by the great tattoo artist, and it was a great honor for him to finally do so. He also loves the hospitality and never-ending friendliness of Filipinos.

Sally of Sally Around the World

For Sally, a girl from Essex, the Philippines is picture perfect—not just the beautiful scenery but also the beautiful people. She loves the happy people with friendly smiles, plus the food and drinks, especially the cheap coconut rum from Boracay. But, she especially loves the men who carry their pet chickens!

Kyle Jennerman of Becoming Filipino

Kyle Jennerman is a Canadian who pretty much aspires to be a Filipino. He gained a Filipino name, Kulas, during his stay. Aside from his amazement at the seemingly unending beauty of the country—the waterfalls, beaches, marine life, and the mountains—Kulas is in awe over Filipino culture. He loves the characteristics of being hard working, patient, friendly, and hospitable, and believes this combination can only be found in the Philippines.

Sabrina of Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina, a half-German half-Italian travel blogger, has been to the Philippines several times, and notes her highlights as being Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, Siargao and Bohol. For this graphic designer, the Philippines spells paradise.

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