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Boracay | © Valerie Caulin
Boracay | © Valerie Caulin

8 Things to Do in Boracay, the Philippines' Most Famous Island

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Updated: 27 April 2017

They say it’s a sin to skip Boracay when in the Philippines. Its talcum-like sand and crystal clear waters, the vibe and high quality amenities make it the nation’s pride. Perfect on your tan under the Philippine sun, enjoying a cold buko (coconut) juice or sipping cocktails by the beach. From water sports to relaxation and pampering, here are just some of the things to do in Boracay.


When you decide to take break from doing nothing on White Beach, sign up for water sports. Enjoy banana boat rides or parasailing. Love to work on your core? Try stand-up paddle boarding. There are plenty of options to suit different preferences. Underwater, enjoy helmet diving, scuba diving or go extreme with free diving. Speaking of extreme, Boracay’s Bulabog Beach is home to kite-surfing and kite-boarding.

Paraw Sailing Sunset Cruise

The island is known for stunning sunsets so don’t be surprised when people flock to the beachfront as soon as the sun starts fading. It can be tricky to get a nice shot of the sunset especially during peak season. Evade the crowds by taking a sunset cruise aboard a paraw, a local sailboat that relies exclusively on the wind—no engine at all. Great for both adults and kids, paraw sailing is a relaxing and indulging way to see both the famous sunset and Boracay’s White Beach.

Paraw Sailing | © Ray Caulin

Paraw Sailing | © Ray Caulin


Visit small islets and you’ll get a chance to enjoy feeding fish or spot a sea turtle. Did you know that Boracay has at least nine beaches? A convenient way to check them out is with island-hopping tours. If you want to explore farther, visit the neighboring rustic island of Carabao (they say it is reminiscent of ‘old’ Boracay).

Cliff Jumping

For the daredevils out there, why not enjoy the crystal-waters by jumping in? There are two main areas where visitors enjoy cliff jumping—Magic Island and Ariel’s Point. Ariel’s Point is more popular and pioneered the idea. From their resort at White Beach, guests have to travel by boat for another 30 minutes to the neighboring town of  Buruanga where a diving platform as high as 15m (49 ft.) is waiting. The less expensive option is to pay 150 Phillipine Pesos (about US$3) at one of the coves in Boracay, called Magic Island, for an unlimited jump-at-your-own-risk experience.

Ariel’s Point, Station 1, Boracay, Philippines +63 (036) 288 6770

On Wheels

Explore the island’s back roads and interior, in an all-terrain vehicle. They are tourist-friendly and stop at popular attractions within the island such as Mt. Luho view point and Puka Beach. For sporty travelers, rent a bike and conquer Boracay’s rugged hills, while passing local villages. Take breaks to soak in the view and hunt for secluded beaches.

Food Tour

With hundreds of restaurants, ranging from budget-friendly grilling stalls to upscale hotel-dining venues, Boracay is a foodie’s paradise. Head off to D’Talipapa Market, purchase your choice of fresh seafood and have it cooked at a nearby diner for a sumptuous meal without breaking the bank. Couples can enjoy a romantic dinner by the beach or at one of the top Italian restaurants. From local cuisine to Indian, vegan to halal, you won’t run out of options. Must-tries are the popular Jonah’s fresh fruit shakes, Boracay’s own chorizo burgers, and the famous calamansi (local citrus fruit) muffins. Don’t worry about calories, you can easily burn them off by walking along the 4-kilometer White Beach (2.5 miles).

Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Restaurant, Station 1 Boracay, Philippines +63+63 36 288 1457

Pub Crawling & Bar Hopping

Though it has retained its family-friendly atmosphere, the island is also known as a party haven, with a lively night life. As the sun sets, the music and late vibe begins, with reggae clubs, outdoor acoustic performances, and DJ music events. For the young and young-at-heart, hop from one bar to another, and mingle with new friends. Drink, party, and make friends!

Massage by the Beach

After a long day in Boracay, what better way to ease your tired muscles than a good massage? Play it safe and book a treatment at a hotel, or try one at the beach. There are many therapists along White Beach to knead those tight muscles under the shady coconut trees, with the sound of the waves and a cool breeze to lull you to sleep.