6 Destinations in the Philippines That Are Both Beautiful And Vulnerable

Pinatubo Crater Lake
Pinatubo Crater Lake | © Dahon / Flickr
Dangerous need not mean scary. The Philippines has a few places which have been tagged as alarming but this should not stop visitors from seeing its beautiful views. Most of these places are dubbed “dangerous” due to local conflicts but amidst this, there is beauty to be discovered.

Death Pool

About eight hours drive from Manila is a quaint beach called Cabongaoan situated in Pangasinan. While the beach is a lovely view, many tourists frequent the place because of another attraction on its right side. The Death Pool is a natural swimming pool, whose waters come from the ocean. Swimming here is a tad challenging as your body might get slapped by big waves. When you want to be on the safe side, there are a couple of small natural pools near the area.

Mt. Pinatubo

While Mt. Pinatubo is generally a safe place to tour for a day, the local tourism office advises hikers not to swim in its crater lake. Health officers declare that the crater lake has arsenic, aluminum, boron, chloride, iron, manganese, sulphate and total solids which are dangerous to the human body, thus it is not advisable for tourists to swim in it. Despite this, guests can still pitch a tent and marvel in the beauty of the lake.

Pinatubo Crater Lake © Dahon / Flickr | © Dahon / Flickr

Mt. Mayon

Mt. Mayon, the perfect cone-shaped volcano located in the Bicol Region, can be climbed up to its crater. However, climbing its volcanic slopes is dangerous, especially when the volcano suddenly gives phreatic eruptions, one of which happened four years ago. That incident claimed the lives of five trekkers. People seeking to climb the volcano need to secure permits and inform the local tourism office. If you do not want to take this challenging adventure, you can still enjoy Mt. Mayon’s beauty from Legaspi, Albay’s town.

Cagayan Valley

Located in the north of Luzon, there are a couple of places in Cagayan Valley which reportedly were being used as hideouts or lairs of people against the government. But despite this dark side, Cagayan Valley is known for its handful of breathtaking sights. Palaui Island, a remote island in Cagayan, is being flocked to by tourists drawn by its pristine beach, raw beauty, and green mountains. Another attraction is the Callao Cave in Penablanca, Cagayan, which has over seven chambers and a cathedral inside.

Palaui Island Cape Engano Lighthouse © Yvette Tan/Flickr


Terrorist groups in the Philippines are known to have their hideouts in Basilan. In fact, foreigners and locals alike have been kidnapped and died through the years. But Basilan is a great place without the terrorist groups who spread danger and fear.

Mindanao, Philippines © ed_davad/Pixabay


Another notorious place for terrorist groups which has been reported in the news is Sulu. But aside from this, Sulu is a haven for people who love snorkelling and you will be amazed by the beauty of various fishes like butterfly fish, cardinal fish, and other sea animals. By the beach, you will be mesmerized by its white sand while getting shade from nipa huts under coconut trees.

Sulu, Philippines © lapping/Pixabay