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Surfing during golden hour in Siargao
Surfing during golden hour in Siargao | © Lee / Flickr

15 Photos to Make You Visit Siargao, Philippines' Teardrop-Shaped Island

Picture of Katrina Escalona
Updated: 8 September 2017

Although the island of Siargao has long been frequented by avid surfers, it’s recently been getting a lot of attention from everybody else. Many people are even beginning to call it the “New Palawan”, for its sudden surge in local tourism. Indulge in these photos of the tear-drop-shaped island and discover why.

It’s called the country’s “Surf Capital” for good reason.

Solid wave, Siargao | © I Travel Philippines / Flickr

More than just a sport, surfing is a way of life.

Man smiling with surf board | © Lee / Flickr

Aside from the surf, visitors can also enjoy the island’s gorgeous beaches and surrounding islets.

Beautiful beach, Sairgao | © Milet Miranda / Flickr

Pristine beach and coconut trees; blue skies and sea | © Milet Miranda / Flickr

Untouched Islet, Siargao | © Milet Miranda / Flickr

Fine powdery sand, Sairgao | © Milet Miranda / Flickr

Non-surfers have nothing to worry about either: the island offers clear, calm waters, a stunning shade of turquoise, and perfect for stand-up paddle boarding, snorkelling and simply relaxing.

Floating in the calm sea, Siargao | © Milet Miranda / Flickr

Blue view of sea and sky from boat | © Milet Miranda / Flickr

Underwater shot of jellyfish | © Milet Miranda / Flickr

Don’t miss out on the island’s inspiring, lush landscapes either.

Lush, hilltop view in Siargao | © EladeManu / Flickr

Motorbiking in Siargao | © Milet Miranda / Flickr

Coconut trees swaying in the wind | © ElandeMadu / Flickr

And who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset by the sea?

Sunset view by the sea, Siargao | © Lee / Flickr

But even better than sunset viewing by the sea is surfing in it before a golden-hour backdrop.

Surfing at sunset, Siargao | © Lee / Flickr