10 Filipino Fashion Brands You Should Know

Rag2Riches handbag crafted by local artisans | Image courtesy of Rags2Riches,Inc.
Rag2Riches handbag crafted by local artisans | Image courtesy of Rags2Riches,Inc.
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Writer9 February 2018

While there’s a variety of foreign brands in Manila, Philippines, homegrown brands thrive alongside them with their locally sourced materials, talents of Filipino craftsmen and artisans, and in some cases, native techniques. Check out these 10 Filipino fashion brands that blend style with traditional Philippine flair.


Taking their cue from their brand name, this Manila shop comes up with casual and classy pieces that practically go with any style. Their collection, available in prints and in solid colours, works well with any outfit that you can dress up instantly through accessories. If you’re feeling laid-back and/or the weather is too hot for you to wear something fashionable outside, Straightforward’s clothing has lightweight pieces perfect for the tropical weather. You can definitely call it the home of the finest clothing essentials.

Image courtesy of Straightforward

Float Swimwear

Heading to the beach this summer? For the ladies who want to be sun-kissed at the beach and get Instagram-worthy photos, Float Swimwear has got you covered. Their classy, fun and chic swimwear collection flaunts the beauty of its wearer and regardless of your size, there’s a Float swimwear piece for you that accentuates the curves while ensuring your comfort. Their wide array of one-piece bikinis, rash guards, and maillots that are practical yet strikingly beautiful will leave you feeling torn when deciding what to purchase.

Image courtesy of Float Swimwear

Happy Skin

A homegrown makeup brand that brings out your best look and at the same time, ensures your skin is well taken care of – that’s how cosmetic line Happy Skin makes their customers happy. Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez teams up with top model Rissa Mananquil-Trillo to come up with the first makeup line that is easy to use and won’t harm anyone’s skin by incorporating special skincare ingredients sourced from Japan, such as hyaluronic acid, cherry blossom, and argan oil.


Highlighting the Philippines’ rich culture while promoting local artisanal craftsmanship, Piopio changes the traditional appearances of indigenous materials and fabrics through their clothing line. Its founder, Paloma Zobel, aims to integrate these indigenous pieces into everyday use – such as making use of the Ilocanos’ brightly coloured handwoven textile into tunics or off-shoulder blouses, and matching the handwoven bracelets of the Mangyan tribe with a simple casual wear. It surely brings the bohemian chic trend to a different level!

Image courtesy of Piopio

Renegade Folk

The City of Marikina has been known to many locals for being home to the country’s shoe products that boast durable quality at affordable prices. But, with various foreign brands coming into the picture, many prefer to be in trend with the latest style. Renegade Folk hopes to revive the love for local footwear and has levelled up the traditional flats to create sleek and trendy leather sandals that go well with anyone’s #OOTDs. They’ve partnered with craftsmen in Marikina and would make you question your initial thoughts of looking at flats as boring footwear.

Black Wing Shoes

How about wearing a pair of customised boots or comfortable leather shoes that you can walk in without feeling uneasy? Another shoe design expert based in Marikina produces handcrafted and custom fit shoes for males. While Black Wing Shoes has very strict guidelines that require scheduling proper appointments before you get your own quality leather shoes, the 6-8 week waiting time is definitely worth it for you to have your own unique pair.

SEFRA Babewear

SEFRA Babewear features sexy, handmade, and homegrown lingerie designed by Filipina designer Cheska Cardoniga. Their collection of undergarments and sexy bedroom wear are suitable for all types of women, and they’ll feel comfortable using it whether for a special occasion or for a typical day. The next time you consider buying flowers or chocolates for your girlfriend, you might want to get her a fancy nightie or comfortable bralettes that can double as a top instead!

Image courtesy of SEFRA Babewear

The Ilustrados

From clothes, shoes, bags, and to accessories that suit men’s tastes, The Ilustrados showcase timeless and classic designs that exude the dedication of primitive Ilustrados (the intellectuals and privileged ones during the Spanish era) in the Philippines to produce stylish pieces for the guys. If you’re in need of cool and comfortable clothes or looking for less boring tops, The Ilustrados offer a wide selection of locally-sourced items for your next date!

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Rags2Riches, Inc.

Rags2Riches, Inc. is a fashion and design house which empowers local artisans to create eco-friendly and sustainable fashion and home accessories made out of scraps of cloth and organic fabrics. Their handwoven classic collection featuring foot rugs and bags, started out as a livelihood project in the dump site community of Payatas. Now, Co-founder Reese Fernandez-Ruiz has become an inspiration for successfully combining fashion, sustainable development, and social enterprise in business. Since then, the brand has helped improve the lives of less privileged Filipino communities.

Image courtesy of Rags2Riches, Inc.

Moy Studio

What happens when you merge indigenous culture with contemporary style? A stylish, unique piece that goes beyond its appearance and has a local touch of history, making it a ‘fashionably phenomenal’ statement. Spin-off retail brand Moy Studio produces handmade jewellery that combines contemporary fashion with traditional techniques and materials. Already more than 10 years in the industry, Moy Studio partners with local artisans in their studio in Cebu City to create elegant pieces and at the same time, promote sustainable fashion.