The Most Beautiful Villages You Need to Visit in Pakistan

© Mohib Baig/WikiCommons
© Mohib Baig/WikiCommons
Photo of Mominah Zahid
4 December 2017

Characterized by endless lush green fields that transform into deep red and rusty orange hues as fall approaches, Pakistan has some of the most beautiful rural villages in the world. Some of these villages can be found at the banks of majestic rivers or encapsulated by towering snow peaks. Others are nestled deep within valleys surrounded by streams and flowers or located amidst glorious meadows with an endless expanse of lime green grass and gazelles. Here are some of the prettiest villages you should head to in Pakistan.

Marala Village

Marala is a picturesque village engulfed in endless fields of wheat and a plethora of sunflowers. Due to the lack of urban development, the skyline is immersed in clouds in the day and cloaked in red and pink hues come sunset. It is located at a small distance from the city of Gujrat and is one of the most beautiful and peaceful villages in Punjab. At the peak of dawn, the locals arise and begin their day on the farms. The entire village is filled with the singing of birds and the trees provide sufficient shade for anyone who wants to just sit and observe the scenery in solitude.

Marala Village | © Mohib Baig/WikiCommons

Gondal Village

Gondal Village is tucked away from urban civilization and is located 72 kilometres away from the capital city of Islamabad. The entire village has a breathtaking view of the entire mountain range of Pir Panjal adding to the sublime beauty of the village. The village is scattered with aged trees and an endless expanse of fields. When one is walking on the narrow dirt paths, there is an ocean of yellow leaves that crumble under travellers’ feet creating a perpetual song of rustling leaves that echoes throughout the entire landscape. Witnesses the simplistic beauty of people working in the fields and young children bathing in nearby streams under a vast blue sky uncontaminated by pollution.

Ghizer Village

Ghizer is an idyllic village straight out of a storybook with a crystal blue river that runs throughout it. The village is located in a magnificent valley named Phander in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. It is surrounded by magnificent trees and reeds that swing to the melodies of the wind and countless beautiful wildflowers that grow by the riverbed causing travellers to be inspired by every moment that is spent amid this symphony of nature. From a distance, glorious snow-capped peaks can be seen encapsulating the village and giving it a dreamy ambiance in the dim sunlight and a mysterious allure in the light of the moon.

Ghizer Village | © Rizwan.shinaki/WikiCommons

Passu Village

Passu Village is a dreamlike haven filled with lush green terraced fields on which locals grow the most delicious organic produce. It is surrounded by awe-inspiring sights on every side, the Passu Glacier on one side and the famous Passu Cones on the other, also known as the Passu Cathedral. It is located on the side of the Karakoram Highway on the way from Hunza to Khunjerab Pass, a few kilometres from an area called Gulmit. These snow-capped mountains are some of the most astonishing peaks sculpted by nature in the world. One glance at them will stop you in your tracks as the peaks proudly proclaim the terrifying glory of nature. The village is serene and there is a beautiful vivacious river that runs along one entire side. There is an abundance of hills, vegetation and natural beauty that is extremely rare to find these days.

Passu Village | © Obaid Hassan Qureshi/WikiCommons

Ganish Village

Ganish is a quaint and scenic village that contains mosques that were built hundreds of years ago. The village comes with an encyclopedia of history and is considered to be an archive of the long-standing history of the Silk Route that has been used by travellers for centuries. It is surrounded by beautiful tall trees that change as many colours as chameleons with the changing of seasons. The village is located close to the majestic Hunza river. The village’s ancient culture is still preserved by the locals who have continued to live there for generations as well as starkly marked by great towers that were built by their ancestors. The history and culture accompanied by the magnificent beauty of the mountain ranges and the mighty river against the backdrop of brightly coloured trees make the village a scene out of an artistic masterpiece.

Ganish Village | © Shahnawaz Qasim/WikiCommons

Birir Village

Birir is an enchanting village nestled deep within the Kalaash Valley in the Chitral district. It is a treasury of culture in which women are famous for their unique dresses embroidered with bright pinks and yellows and their heads adorned with fashionable caps decorated with feathers. The entire village is encapsulated in lime green fields, dancing reeds and a river that has a life force of its own. There are multiple terraced fields that add an idyllic ambiance to the whole picturesque setting in which the village exists.

Birir Village | © Tahsin A Shah/WikiCommons

Matiltan Village

Matiltan Village is a natural retreat for forest lovers around the world. It is a secluded village, about 11 kilometres away from Kalam in the province of KPK. This village is not easily accessible, and therefore, it is completely quaint and serene, engulfed on all sides by an alpine forest that has an abundant variety of vegetation. From the village, travellers have a magnificently scenic view of all the mountain ranges that encompass the area. To make it a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, there is a beautiful river nearby making the village a picturesque settlement that inspires anyone who visits.

Matiltan | © Muh.Ashar/WikiCommons

Arang Kel Village

Arang Kel is a romantic and strikingly beautiful hill station village located in the Neelam Valley in Kashmir at the fantastical height of 8, 379 feet. It is a valley that is bathed in the colour of green vegetation and trees and plants seem to grow in every nook and cranny. There are idyllic little pathways around the entire village and the height at which it is located seems to offer a more scenic view than any other location of the famous Neelam Valley. Visitors are constantly captivated by the sight of the endless mountains and hills that stand gloriously on the horizon. To top it off, they can also witness surrounding glaciers with a sense of awe at the diverse landscapes one village can offer.

Arang Khel Village | © Faisal075/WikiCommons

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