These Malaysian YouTubers Will Make You Binge-Watch Their Videos

'Imagination' (Directed by The Ming Thing) | Courtesy of CORE Studios
'Imagination' (Directed by The Ming Thing) | Courtesy of CORE Studios
Photo of Lu Yin Wai
16 August 2017

The YouTube scene in Malaysia started in early 2000s, when aspiring filmmakers decided to produce their own fun, engaging and sentimental videos. Today, popular and up-and-coming Malaysian YouTubers create even more diverse video content, much of which has gone viral across the world. Find out more about the Malaysian YouTubers that will make you binge-watch their videos.

Jinnyboy TV

Led by Jin Lim and Reuban Kang, Jinnyboy TV is as one of the first channels to boost the YouTube scene in Malaysia. They started off with funny clips that Malaysians could relate to and followed parody videos. Later, they produced short videos with bits of humour and ‘close-to-heart’ storytelling. ‘ABUDEN!’ and ‘My Generasi’ are some of the first videos that garnered high number of views in early years. From there, they were passionately driven to produce more videos with great storytelling content. They also share fun content on JinnyboyTV Hangouts. They are currently in producing their first full-length debut film ‘By My Side’ (to be released in September 2017).

Grim Film

Jared Lim launched Grim Film after his first short film, ‘The Long Distance Relationship’, garnered 2 million views. Jared and his team come up with various videos (such as interesting #velinai videos and comedy clips) to make viewers laugh and cry. His travel videos his wife, actress and artist Marianne Tan, showcase things to see and do in different countries, especially his favourite country to visit, Japan. Grim Film’s first feature-length debut film, Sex Operator, will be launched soon, and a collection of behind-the-scene footage is available to watch.

The Ming Thing

Together with friends Raffi Th’ng and Bryan Lim, brothers Ming Han and Ming Yue started The Ming Thing to produce web series (such as ‘Still Single’, ‘The Unplugged Project’, and ‘You Again’) that viewers could relate to, with subtle cinematography and in-depth storylines for instantly moving videos. The Ming brothers also showcase their variety by launching HelloTMT (produced by CORE Studios under The Ming Thing), videos of fun challenges, behind-the-scene vlogs, conversations with popular personalities and much more.

DanKhoo Productions

Dan Khoo and his team share their passion for filmmaking through their YouTube channel, DanKhoo Productions, and are known for videos of fun-filled laughter in Malaysian style. Same as Jinnyboy TV, they are one of the first who brought the YouTube scene to life in Malaysia. They invite guests to take part in challenges such as ‘Battle of Bananas’ and ‘Whose Cantonese is the Worst’, which participants debate various topics in Cantonese without a single word of English. Their fun challenges are also available to watch on MacamYes Studios‘ channel.

Dog 73 Pictures

Award-winning independent film director James Lee launched Dog 73 Pictures to provide local filmmakers the opportunity to showcase indie short and feature films, covering various genres, from romance to horror. Lee, in collaboration with Gavin Yap and Sharmaine Othman, also directed a feature-length horror film: KL 24: Zombies. Lee recently released the Smartphone Film series, with footage taken entirely by smartphone, to encourage aspiring filmmakers to start with smartphones to minimize their budgets.

The Salad Show

Caleb and Jiven started making videos for their YouTube channel, The Salad Show, after making a short video for prom night in 2002. Since then, they have come out with fresh and humble concepts, such as one of their most viewed short films, ‘Goodbyes’. Jiven creates ‘Namaste with Jiven’, videos where he talks about topics related to Indians (such as ‘I Don’t Smoke or Drink!’). They collaborate with many people as part of their learning process in creating amazing videos.

So I’m Jenn

Jenn started posting videos of her original songs on her YouTube channel, So I’m Jenn, in 2009. Six years later, she expanded her content to include a compilation of vlogs, music covers and travel diaries. Her bubbly and down-to-earth personality as well as her chirpy vocals in songs and funny vibes in vlogs can brighten up anyone’s day. She also transforms her everyday encounters with people and experiences into to entertaining videos: in one of her most popular videos, she portrays four characters (Jamie Sim, Lola Siow, Jon Liddel, and Michelle Apple) reviewing Nando’s Chicken. She also spreads her funny vibes and interesting content on Facebook and Instagram.

Ling Big Yong

Young Malaysian YouTuber Ling Big Yong creates full Mandarin videos that relate to the younger generations in Malaysia. Together with his friends, he produces various funny web series, such as those recalling nostalgic memories, a ‘Types of’ series, comparison videos, and much more. ‘两种人‘ (‘Two Types of People’ in Chinese) is one of the top 20 videos on YouTube in Malaysia.

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