The World's Top Country For Muslim Travellers Has Been Revealed

The Putra Mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia | © URAIWONS / Shutterstock
The Putra Mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia | © URAIWONS / Shutterstock | URAIWONS / Shutterstock
Photo of Mark Zumi
28 November 2017

Malaysia is now at the forefront of halal tourism after it was recently named the top destination for Muslim travellers. With its beautiful and open culture, Muslims are flocking to this Southeast Asian country in search of life-changing experiences.

Malaysia was named the top destination for Muslim travellers in the Mastercard-HalalTrip Muslim Millennial Travel Report 2017. To anyone familiar with Malaysia, this news will bear little surprise!

A stunning landscape of Kuala Lumpur by day / Shutterstock

With around 60% of its local population of the Islamic faith, this beautiful country has no issues opening its doors to the visiting Muslims from across the globe.

The myth of the Muslim traveller

The Malaysian tourism industry breaks the common stereotype that Muslim travellers are limited to pilgrimages and faith-centric trips. These days, modern Muslim travellers seek out travel as a way to explore new boundaries and gain fresh experiences.

Veiled Muslim women grouped together | Flickr

A playground for the senses

As a melting pot of culture and experiences, Malaysia allows Muslims to venture into new territories without worry that their beliefs will be challenged.

The beautiful Kek Lok Si temple which is open to all to visit

From modern cities to breathtaking nature escapades and crystal-clear beaches, Malaysia lets travellers explore freely, with the halal experience always kept a top priority by the tourism industry.

Stunning Malaysia | © Esmar Abdul Hamid/Flickr

Seamless experiences

The country’s tourism industry has made it a point that halal offerings are seamlessly communicated to Muslim travellers, making it easy for them to gain access to comforts they might have difficulty finding in other countries.

All restaurants are easily marked to indicate whether their offerings are halal. You would be hard-pressed to find another country that can boast the range of cuisines offered by Malaysia.

Food stall at night market in Brinchang, Malaysia | © berm_teerawat/Shutterstock

Asian fare takes precedence yet travellers have a worldwide selection of cuisines – where even cuisines that normally incorporate non-halal ingredients, are adapted to serve the Muslim palate.

Spoilt for choice at a local market in Malaysia | © Lano Lan/Shutterstock

The rise of Muslim travellers

Halal tourism is going through a boom with reports estimating that the Muslim traveller segment will be worth a whopping $300 billion by 2026.

With such growth on the horizon, Malaysia is currently leading the pack. But we can soon expect a host of cities rushing to take a page out of Malaysia’s playbook and be welcoming hosts to future Muslim travellers.

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