The Most Spectacular Hiking Trails in Malaysia

View of Mount Kinabalu
View of Mount Kinabalu
There are various hiking trails across Malaysia available to explore. Depart from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur and hike through the natural trails with luscious flora, fauna and mesmerizing peak views. Here are the most spectacular of Malaysia’s hiking trails you should experience.

Bukit Gasing Forest Park

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Located in the suburbs of Petaling Jaya, Bukit Gasing Forest Park has various levels of hiking trails which are frequently visited by residents. Although there are no signboards, six different routes will take you to either a Hindu temple or the watchtower. You will see a wonderful view at the top of the hill (about 160m which takes about one hour 45 minutes to reach to the top). The hiking trail is steep but there are a lot of marking points and steps left by other hikers. You can take a break as benches are provided in between the trails.
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Broga Hill

Sunrise at Broga Hill, Selangor
Sunrise at Broga Hill, Selangor | © Raymond Choong/Shutterstock
Known as Bukit Lalang, the hills provide hikers to be amazed with scenic views of township and foliage in Semenyih. There are three peaks to hike at Broga Hill. The first and second peaks are suitable places for you to see sunrise. It takes about 45 minutes to reach to the top. Walk past the oil palm estate and forest (with two trails) that will lead you to climb the steep hill. The third peak is the most challenging as you have to climb across huge rocks. Challenge yourself to reach Gunung Tok Wan (3.1km from Broga Hill) and admire its flora and fauna.
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Bishop Trail, Fraser Hill

Bishop Trail has a picturesque rainforest with plenty of foliage, trees, ferns, and wildlife to discover. The trail leads to Ledegham Road with two different routes (left to Muar Cottage and right to Glen Bungalow and the Paddock). Along the 1.5km trail, you will walk through narrow and rocky paths. Stop by at the watchtower to view birds and green landscape. You will also see some squirrels, monkeys, and other animals within the jungle canopy. End your journey by taking the right to Muar Cottage at the end of the trail.

422, Bukit Fraser, 49000 Fraser’s Hill, Pahang, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands

There are 14 hiking trails, ranging from easy to hard, that surround Tanah Rata and Brinchang, cities of Cameron Highlands. Each trail offers different views including the Mossy Forest, a luscious green forest where you can hike through to the watchtower to enjoy the scenic views of Perak and Pahang. You can stop to visit a strawberry farm at Raju’s Hill and BOH tea plantations, a delightful treat to enjoy before continuing your journey. Keep an eye out for various flora and fauna while enjoying nature’s fresh air. Most of the trails are closed during monsoon season. Take a local guide or map with you as there is not a lot of signage at the trails.
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Rainbow Falls

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Rainbow Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Malaysia. It is ideal to capture the waterfall view at 9 to 10 in the morning. To get there, you need to follow a local tour guide. The 4×4 pickup trucks will take you to the top of the sandy hill to see the sunrise. Then, you will be taken to the forest which takes about 45 minutes. Add another 45 minutes across the forest and rocky paths (about 1km with ropes provided for safety). You will be welcomed by a beautiful rainbow at the waterfall. Have a cool dip by the waterfall and enjoy the view.
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Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera)

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View from Penang Hill | © KeongDaGreat / Shutterstock
Skip the furnicular railway train and climb your way up to the top of Penang Hill from the Penang Botanic Gardens. There are two routes to take: the road used by locals driving up the hill and the path that starts from inside the gardens. Hiking along these steep trails takes about two to three hours to reach to Penang Hill (about 5km). Visitors might see some wildlife hanging around at the trees and they will reach Penang Hill when they see the metal entrance of ‘The Habitat’. As a reward, treat yourself with coffee at Kopi Hutan.
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Mount Kinabalu

Hiking in Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia, is one of the toughest trails to go through but satisfying once you reach the top. It takes two days and one night to hike to Mount Kinabalu. Ranau Trail and Kota Belud Trail are a few of the routes taken to reach to the summit. Be physically and mentally prepared to climb to the summit. Having a local mountain guide is a must as you will be given advice and support throughout your hiking journey. You will be amazed with various flora and fauna in different altitudes of hiking trails.

Mount Kinabalu, Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

Bukit Tabur, Taman Melawati

Bukit Tabur, Malaysia
Bukit Tabur, Malaysia | © Tang Yew Chung/Shutterstock
Bukit Tabur, known as The Dragon’s Backbone, is a limestone ridge with five different peaks, suitable for challenging hikers who can go through intense boulder crossing. The Tabur West trail is commonly used by hikers (two hours hiking to the viewpoint). Tabur East and Far East trails are suitable for experienced hikers as they have plenty of rocky terrain. You will see an amazing sunset view along with the luscious green and tranquil water of Kluang Gate Reservoir. Reward yourself by cooling off at the natural pool by following the stairs down from the viewpoint.
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Saga Hill/Apek Hill

Saga Hill hiking trail, Kuala Lumpur
Saga Hill hiking trail, Kuala Lumpur | © Dezz/Shutterstock
Saga Hill/Apek Hill is frequently climbed by the residents of Ampang and experienced hikers. Route C is the most challenging trail in Saga Hill. There are rest areas, with hammocks for you to relax at some areas, before you reach the top of the hill. Afterwards, you can choose either Waterfall Trail or Hilltop Trail. Hilltop Trail is suitable training for mountain trekkers. By taking the Waterfall Trail, it will take you to the waterfall where you can submerge yourself with the flowing water. Be careful while you hike along the slippery and rocky paths (ropes are available).
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Bohey Dulang

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Bohey Dulang is one of the eight islands at Tun Sakaran Marine Park in Semporna, 30 minutes from Semporna town. Climbing up to the highest peak in Bohey Dulang (353 metres above) is one of the must things to do in Sabah. The trail, which is 30 minutes to an hour from the viewpoint, leads you through the tropical forest, and consists of mounted steps, tree roots, and huge boulders. At the viewpoint, visitors are comforted by the warm sun and cool breeze followed by the breathtaking island views of Bodgaya and Tetage with turquoise seas.
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