The Best Street Art in George Town, Penang

The Best Street Art in George Town, Penang
Penang’s street art has evolved from cheap spray paint and scraggly swear words to beautiful, expansive, wall-to-wall murals the likes of Rone’s Local Women.

Today, graffiti is professional, lucrative, and endorsed by the Penang Public Arts Review Panel (PARP). Here are 10 must-see images for all visitors to George Town:

Thoughtful Girl

When you’re thoughtful, beautiful, and on a wall, color is redundant. This black-and-white piece can be found in the Mural Garden at Hin Bus Depot, the place where all hipster magic happens.

Thoughtful Girl © Michelle Leong

Malayan Tiger

You’re not the only one prowling around George Town! The Malayan tiger is a critically endangered species — there are fewer than 200 breeding harimau, or “tigers,” left in the world — but with any luck, they might actually survive longer than this one.

Malayan Tiger © Michelle Leong

Brother and Sister on a Swing

Penang of the past is made of makeshift games, poor/simple/dirty pleasures (the game kalitoi, anyone?), and checking out what the neighborhood kids are doing. This brother and sister are eyeing your swing, clearly.

Trishaw Man

Once part of a thriving economy in the heart of George Town, trishaw-pulling is all but reserved for tourists now. This old man is taking a break in the parking lot of the Red Garden food court.

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Kung Fu Girl

Somewhat creepily, this young girl balances herself atop two window frames — which is both cool and something we never got to do as kids. You can find this image on Jalan Muntri.

Kung Fu Girl © shankar s./Flickr

The Window Cat

Shyly peeping out of a corner on Cannon Street, this cat is proof that tabbies are subtly — but surely — taking over the world.

The Window Cat © Hussain Ajina


Skippy makes his way to Penang! Part of 101 Lost Kittens, Skippy is Penang’s biggest (literally) plea for greater awareness of stray animals and the need to care for them.

Skippy © shankar s./Flickr

Upside-Down Girl

Can’t do a bridge? You might want to learn a thing or two from this girl at the Mural Garden, Hin Bus Depot. Don’t break your back.

Upside Down Girl © Michelle Leong

Stealing Baos

Yes, this is what old windows used to look like — with prison-like iron bars to prevent strangers lifting from your (small) home. But in this case, it works the other way around, too.

Kids on a Bicycle

This classic was one of the first street art images endorsed by the PARP in Penang. When you find yourself here in Armenian Street, why not do something out of the ordinary — and put your kid on the back seat of a bicycle, without a seat belt?

Act Cool

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