The Best Hotels on Pangkor Island, Malaysia

Pangkor Laut Resort | Courtesy of
Pangkor Laut Resort | Courtesy of
Photo of Michelle Leong
26 February 2018

Pangkor Island is a small place, so your choices may be limited. But you can still make your trip adventurous, calming, or romantic — if you know where to stay.

Ombak Inn Chalet | Courtesy of

Ombak Inn Chalet, Pangkor Island

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If you prefer a more “local,” less “corporate” experience, you’ll want to book a room at this husband-and-wife-run business. Facilities are basic, and breakfast is a simple affair, but the lush greenery framing this little inn more than makes up for it. The shrubs, creepers, and trees are a haven for human and animal alike, and you’ll often find light-pawed cats and long-tailed macaques swishing their tails and cosying up to you (or potentially stealing your omelette).

Best Stay Hotel, Pangkor | Courtesy of

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  • Best Stay Hotel Pangkor Island, Pulau Pangkor

    Independent Hotel
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    Best Stay is best for your wallet. Located a little further away from the popular beach of Pangkor, this small establishment might make you (or your feet) earn the cash you save. Without an elevator, you’ll have to haul your own suitcases up the staircase, too — best be working on those arm muscles now. Nevertheless, rooms are air-conditioned, eateries are close by, and staff are accommodating and helpful.

    Pangkor Laut Resort | Courtesy of

    Pangkor Laut Resort, Lumut

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    Pangkor Laut Resort | KL Tan

    If you’re going for opulence, it doesn’t get better than this. Pangkor Laut Resort boasts the most beautiful rooms on the islands, with well-ventilated, high-ceilinged villas commanding unparalleled views of the sea. During the day, you can enjoy a private luxury cruise, take a nap in a gazebo at the Belian Spa Pavilion, or go on the Pangkor Island Excursion, where you’ll be introduced to a restored Dutch Fort and the Foo Lin Kong temple. And when the day comes to a close, you get to experience the flavors of authentic Nyonya and Hock Chew cuisine at their Uncle Lim’s Kitchen, established by the renowned Chef Lim.

    Please note that this resort is located on Pangkor Laut Island, affectionately known as “the other island,” just off the southwestern coast of the larger Pangkor Island.

    Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort | Courtesy of

    Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort, Pulau Pangkor

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    For all you tropical-holiday seekers, this is the place to visit for an all-over bronzing by the sun. Chalets are clean, no-frills, and reminiscent of American travel lodges — but with an impressive view of the beach from the verandah. The beach is surprisingly uncrowded, and the resort offers a variety of daytime activities, including jungle trekking, jet-skiing, banana boating, and kayaking. This value-for-money establishment is no 5-star hotel, but it’s definitely one of the best 3-stars in town.

    Coral Bay Resort | Courtesy of

    Pangkor Coral Bay Resort, Pulau Pangkor

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    This resort could be the hottest thing in town — back in 1998. Rooms are worn and tired-looking, and the carpets could do with an upgrade. Nevertheless, it’s spacious, well-maintained, and deposit safes are available on request at the lobby. You can also choose between the rooms or the apartment-style units. Coral Bay has their own restaurant, featuring set lunches and dinners, but if you prefer some local, home-cooked flavors, the Malay restaurant next door serves ikan bakar (grilled fish) and satay (skewered meat).

    Marina Island Resort & Hotel | Courtesy of

    Marina Island Pangkor Resort & Hotel (Suites, Function Rooms and Convention Hall), Lumut

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    Marina Island Pangkor Resort & Hotel (Suites, Function Rooms and Convention Hall) | Marina Island Pangkor Resort & Hotel (Suites, Function Rooms and Convention Hall)

    This is on the mainland (in Lumut), but if you don’t mind the 30-minute boat ride to Pangkor Island proper, this resort offers you a spacious, minimalistic, apartment-style crash pad. Modern comforts are offered, including a hair dryer and ironing board, and the air-conditioning will be a delightful reprieve from the skin-beating sun. Breakfast selections are wide-ranging and tasty, and daytime activities include beach volleyball, cycling around the island, traditional Malay massages, canoeing, batik painting, and even a small waterpark (which, at RM20, or $5, per adult), is a right bargain.