The 10 Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Ipoh, Malaysia

Vegetarian buffet
Vegetarian buffet | © takoradee / WikiCommons
Located halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Penang and offering a colonial charm, cave temples and street art, Ipoh is an emerging tourist destination. Here’s our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Ipoh for non-meat eating visitors.

Krishna Bhawan Restaurant

Restaurant, Vegetarian, Indian
Enjoy a vegan dosa, a type of Indian pancake | Enjoy a vegan dosa, a type of Indian pancake
Krishna Bhawan in Ipoh Old Town is within walking distance of the railway station, Masjid Negara and the Birch Memorial Clock Tower. Food includes fixed-price meals and buffet-style Indian food. Dosai, a type of South Indian pancake, is also available. Low prices, a central location and variety of dishes are what drives customers to Krishna, one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Ipoh. Expect a meal with a drink to cost less than RM15 ($3.80).
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Sin Meng Kee Vegetarian

Restaurant, Vegetarian, Chinese
Sin Meng Kee Vegetarian provides a vegetarian-friendly economy rice style dining experience. The family-owned restaurant has more than 30 sides including vegetable dishes, tofu and mock meats. Expect plastic tables and stools in this small, but extremely affordable, vegetarian restaurant in Ipoh. A filling meal including a drink rarely comes to more than RM12 ($3).
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Fung Lai Vegetarian

Restaurant, Vegetarian, Chinese
Buddhist dishes
Buddhist-friendly meals at cheap prices | Buddhist-friendly meals at cheap prices

Located in the heart of Ipoh’s new town, Fung Lai Vegetarian offers vegetarian Chinese food. The selection of dishes includes a Buddhist-friendly self-service style buffet. Featuring different vegetable dishes and mock meat, customers choose what they want and pay by volume. Meals typically cost less than RM10 ($2.50). But be aware the restaurant has short opening hours and it pays to plan when to visit this vegetarian restaurant in Ipoh.

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Vegan Delights Café

Cafe, Restaurant, Vegetarian, Vegan, Asian, $$$

Vegan Delights Café on Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainun is different from most restaurants in Ipoh. First, it boasts an impressive menu featuring a combination of both Asian and Western-style vegan dishes, healthy drinks and desserts. Second, most of the staff are deaf or mute. Not only are the meals some of the best in Ipoh but this vegetarian restaurant also employs members of the disabled community. Expect fast service, decent portions and a nice ambience at Vegan Delights Café. Menu highlights include the mushroom burger and carbonara spaghetti.

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Yun Ji Vegetarian

Restaurant, Vegetarian, Chinese, $$$
Vegetarian mixed rice
Vegetarian mixed rice | Vegetarian mixed rice

Located a few doors down from Thin Hei Vegetarian, Yun Ji offers a decent selection of dishes at more affordable prices. The menu includes a variety of Chinese style fried rice, noodles and vegetable-based dishes as well as economy rice self-service options. The dumpling soup comes highly recommended. Expect a nice variety of food at more budget-friendly prices.

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Fu Tien Vegetarian Restaurant

Restaurant, Vegetarian, Asian, Sushi

Often described as ‘vegetarian heaven’, Xin Fu Tien offers a selection of Asian dishes, vegetable-based meals and salads. But the biggest highlight of this restaurant in Ipoh is the decent selection of vegetarian sushi. The small restaurant offers a cosy atmosphere with a friendly owner who is usually around and happy to chat with customers. A filling meal for two with drinks shouldn’t come to more than RM30 ($7.50). While this vegetarian restaurant is quite far from central Ipoh, it’s worth the effort for the sushi.

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Loving Hut Ipoh

Restaurant, Vegan, Vegetarian, Asian
red rice and soup
Another place in Ipoh with vegetarian and vegan options | © pxhere
Loving Hut’s menu features rice, noodles and vegetable-based dishes as well as western options and light snacks. Ipoh’s branch, part of an international chain of vegan restaurants under Supreme Master Ching Hai, offers some of the most comprehensive choices of vegan food in the city. Expect a simple style of décor and enthusiastic staff, along with delicious vegan options including Chinese food, burgers and nuggets.
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Restaurant, Vegetarian, Chinese, $$$

For a classier dining experience, head to Yishensu located on Jalan Medan. With a menu specialising in Chinese vegetarian cuisine, soup of the day and various signature dishes, customers are often spoiled for choice. Expect big portions and an enjoyable dining experience with attentive staff as golden oldies play in the background. A typical meal starts at RM80 ($20) for two people. Yishensu makes an ideal spot to have a romantic evening.

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Thin Hei Vegetarian

Restaurant, Vegetarian, Chinese, Vegan
Claypot tofu with vegetables is one of the must-try dishes here | Claypot tofu with vegetables is one of the must-try dishes here

This vegetarian restaurant in Ipoh along Jalan Dass offers both vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. With a decent menu featuring a variety of mock meat, customers have the choice from a selection of Chinese style dishes. According to diners, clay pot vegetables with tofu and ginger fish are some of the restaurant’s highlights. Anyone looking for a tasty lunch or dinner in a comfortable air-conditioned spacious environment near Taman D.R Seenivasagam should consider Thin Hei.

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18c Tea Café

Cafe, Restaurant, Vegetarian, Tea , $$$

While 18C Tea Café isn’t strictly a vegetarian restaurant in Ipoh, it does offer vegetarian-friendly snacks. The main theme of this café is Taiwanese food and bubble tea. A colourful and spacious interior and free Wi-Fi attract those looking for a spot to relax with an afternoon drink. Don’t expect many choices, but the ambience and environment are suitable to unwind with bubble tea and a light snack.

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