The 10 Best Street Food Stalls in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

A welcomed 'fowl' sight
A welcomed 'fowl' sight | © successo images / Shutterstock
Photo of Karuna Ang
13 June 2018

Petaling Jaya, one of the oldest and most developed cities in the Klang Valley, is home to a handful of good eateries. Malaysians love their street food, which they gladly devour for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes, even supper. Here are 10 street food stalls to eat your way through PJ.

PJ Old Town

Weng Kee ABC & Cendol

Food Stall, Dessert, $$$
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Cendol dessert with gula malacca syrup
A bowl of shaved ice to keep the heat at bay | © wandee007 / Shutterstock
Escape from the hot weather with a bowl of shaved ice in this old neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya. Many shops in the area have been operating for decades and Weng Kee ABC & Cendol has been a neighbourhood gem. Located at PJ Old Town Market Food Court, their Air Batu Campur (ABC, mixed ice) is as authentic as it comes. Paired with red beans, corn and topped with peanuts, anything more than that would be over the top. The secret to their ABC lies in the gula Melaka syrup drizzled all over the shaved ice, and that is what has been keeping loyal customers coming back all these years.

PJ State

Kam Heong Braised Duck Rice

Food Stall, Chinese, $$$
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Chinese style stewed duck
A welcomed 'fowl' sight | © successo images / Shutterstock
During the day, this stall is the staple chicken rice stall that you see at every hawker centre. At night, it transforms into a popular braised duck stall. The duck, cooked beautifully, is tender and flavourful. Paired with a plate of aromatic rice, this will be a meal you won’t be able to forget. For a touch of fiery kick, try it with the sambal and chilli.

PJ State Char Kuey Teow

Food Stall, Chinese, $$$
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Fried Penang Char Kuey Teow
Crunchy, chewy, and savoury - all in one plate | © wong yu liang / Shutterstock
The Malaysian experience will not be complete without a plate of char kuey teow. A good plate of char kuey teow has that charred flavoured and should be topped with a healthy amount of cockles, prawns, Chinese sausages, and bean sprouts. Stir-fried with chili sauce, this is a perfect combination of sweet, savoury, and spiciness.


Jalan 222

Ah Wa Hokkien Mee

Food Stall, Chinese, $$$
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hokkien mee flat noodles malaysia
Don't forget to try it with the chili sauce that comes with it | © Karuna Ang
Another neighbourhood favourite in Petaling Jaya is the hokkien mee at Ah Wa. Walking into the restaurant, almost every table has a plate of their signature charcoal fried hokkien mee. The noodles, coated with aromatic thick black sauce, is served with pork slices and crispy lard that will keep you wanting for more.

Fried Chicken Wings at Restoran Ah Wa

Food Stall, Chinese, $$$
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grilled chicken
Chicken wings deep fried to perfection | © Karuna Ang
If the noodles at Ah Wa is not enough, order a plate of chicken wings that are grilled to perfection from the stall next to it. Served while it’s still piping hot, the wings are crunchy at first bite and bursting with flavour. Before long, you’d be devouring the whole plate in a cluck.


Hong Kee Dessert

Food Stall, Dessert, $$$
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Red bean or azuki bean soup
End your meal with a bowl of sweet red bean soup | © ThamKC / Shutterstock
Find a variety of Chinese tong sui (desserts) to your liking at SS17’s Wai Sek Kai (food street). The stall is surrounded by various metal pots where you will find most locals’ favourite desserts. The place is self-service and you can choose from beans and nuts to sweet potato soup.

Rojak & Cendol Mustaffa

Food Truck, Dessert, $$$
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Cool down with a bowl of cendol | © Edy Kasim / Shutterstock
Beat the heat with a bowl of cendol. Enjoy the sweet relief in the form of shaved ice, cendol, and grass jelly served from a truck by the roadside. For something savory, they also have rojak – slices of eggs, tofu, crackers, and cucumber – topped with a generous amount of nutty and spicy sauce.

Wong Kee

Food Stall, Chinese, $$$
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Oriental Roast Pork Belly
Crunchy and juicy in one bite | © Adamlee01 / Shutterstock
When there’s a long line, you’d know the food is good. People have been coming to Hong Seng Restaurant for decades just to have a bite of Wong Kee’s thickly cut siew yoke. It’s an explosion of flavour and texture with its crispy skin, tender meat, and well-paired sauces. The crowd tends to grow fast when the stall opens at 12.30pm, so be sure to come early so you wouldn’t miss a bite of this mouthwatering dish.

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