The 10 Best Mamaks in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Variety of spicy dishes in Penang, Malaysia
Variety of spicy dishes in Penang, Malaysia | © Azhari Fotolestari / Shutterstock
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29 August 2018

Malaysia is well known for the vibrant mix of cuisines and eateries in the country. The most quintessential Malaysian dining experience would be at a mamak, where you find large crowds of people from dusk till dawn. Here are the 10 best mamaks in Petaling Jaya.

You can find almost every type of food in Malaysia – from cheap street eats to luxurious fine dining meals; Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes to hearty European fare. With amazing food at the snap of your fingertips, your visit to Malaysia is incomplete without a meal at a mamak. Petaling Jaya, a major township right outside Kuala Lumpur, has some of the best eateries in town. Eat like a local at these 10 best mamaks in Petaling Jaya.

Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar

Restaurant, Malaysian, $$$
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Variety of spicy dishes in Penang, Malaysia.
Variety of spicy dishes in Penang, Malaysia | © Azhari Fotolestari / Shutterstock

With spice-laden curries and aromatic biryani rice, the food at Kayu hits all the right spots. Nasi kandar, one of Penang’s most famous dishes, remains the highlight of the menu. But the other dishes here – including nasi biryani, mee goreng and various types of rotis – are equally as good. Open 24 hours, you can grab a bite whenever it strikes your fancy.

Nasi Lemak Bumbung

Food Stall, Malaysian
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Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak | © HeinzTeh / Shutterstock

Plastics tables and chairs neatly line up in the alleyway where Malaysians from all over KL’s townships gather for a taste of Bumbung’s nasi lemak. These outdoor seats quickly fill up with customers hungry for this hearty Malaysian classic. Crispy fried chicken and coconut rice is generously ladled with spicy-sweet sambal, keeping customers coming back for more.

Murni Discovery SS2

Restaurant, Malaysian, $$$
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Count yourself lucky if you’re able to get a seat immediately at Murni during peak hours. This popular mamak restaurant offers an extensive menu of classic mamak fare and creative fusion dishes, coming in large portions that are well worth your penny. Some of the highlights here include naan mozzarella Beckham special, roti Beckham, spaghetti meletup and the finger-licking ‘Lord of the Wings’.

Syed Bistro

Restaurant, Malaysian, $$$
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Hyderabadi biryani is a form of biryani, from Hyderabad, India.
Hyderabadi biryani is a form of biryani, from Hyderabad, India | © fotosunny / Shutterstock

Syed Bistro has expanded its operations in Malaysia since its humble beginnings in the early 1900s in Penang. Syed offers popular local dishes and a selection of Western food. A lot of effort is put into creating the dishes, with hours spent on marinating and slow-cooking. If you are looking for a meal to remember, order the mutton nasi biryani or murtabak.

Kopitiam Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock

Restaurant, Malaysian, $$$
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Curry Laksa
Curry Laksa | © Mohd Syis Zulkipli / Shutterstock

Get your morning going with a hearty breakfast at this modern day kopitiam. Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock embodies everything that is Malaysian with a menu that showcases the country’s many cultures. You will find popular local comfort food here, including nasi lemak, mee goreng and char kuey teow. Prices are slightly higher than the neighbourhood kopitiam, but the food is definitely worth it.

Nasi Kandar Bestari

Restaurant, Malaysian
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Malaysians just love their nasi kandar joints, and Bestari is top of the list. Like many nasi kandar eateries in town, the sprawling display of curries and gravies is enough to get your tummy rumbling. Enjoy it like the locals do by dousing your rice with these curries (seriously, don’t be shy about it). The house specialty, Indomee burger noodle, is also a must-try.

Teh Tarik Place

Restaurant, Malaysian, $$$
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Famous drink in Malaysia known as Teh Tarik
Famous drink in Malaysia known as Teh Tarik | © EIANSTA / Shutterstock

Switch out your lattes and cappuccinos for a cup of teh tarik or kopi-o at Teh Tarik Place. They do teh tarik well here – pulled to perfection with frothy foam on top and served at the right temperature. True to the nature of a mamak, you will find delectable local bites here including nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, mee goreng and roti canai.

Gulam Mee

Restaurant, Malaysian, 0

With its roots in the northern state of Kedah, it’s all about mee goreng and mee rebus at Gulam Mee. Different from the usual mee goreng at mamaks, the dish here is fried with a thick peanut sauce and paired with beef slices. If you are still feeling peckish, there are also several food stalls around offering nasi lemak, satay and ikan bakar.

Nasi Kandar Pelita

Restaurant, Malaysian, $$$
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Hawker serving the Nasi Kandar at Kuala Lumpur
Savour the flavours of different curries at a nasi kandar shop | © FARYSA HAMZAH / Shutterstock

One of the most popular nasi kandar chains in Malaysia, Pelita started out as a small coffee shop in Penang back in 1995. With its growing popularity, Pelita started to expand by bringing its famous kuah campur down south. With a vast selection of curries and gravies including ketam masala, kambing ros, ayam kurma and chicken curry, it’s a feast fit for a king.

Sri Ganapathi Mess

Restaurant, Malaysian, $$$
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Malaysian banana leaf rice
Malaysian banana leaf rice | © KYTan / Shutterstock

Get ready to have your fingers covered in curry at Sri Ganapathi Mess, one of Petaling Jaya’s hidden banana leaf gems.Tucked away in a bungalow, you will find the aromatic smells of curry and a healthy crowd revelling away. Many banana leaf connoisseurs have this place top of their list for the free re-fillable rice, vegetables and papadums.

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