A Couple's Guide to Malaysia's Best Islands

Couple at Monkey Beach, Penang © i.gunawan / Flickr
Couple at Monkey Beach, Penang © i.gunawan / Flickr
The tropical islands of Malaysia are the perfect romantic getaway for couples. They make for a great location to spend precious moments with your love, while enjoying the islands’ sunny skies, tranquil seas, and sandy beaches. Here is our couple’s guide to Malaysia’s best islands.

Island hopping in Malaysia’s archipelagos

Go on an adventure with your beloved, exploring the islands. You will be amazed by the natural wonders as you travel across the sea. Hop on a speedboat or take a jetski to visit the islands, you don’t have to travel far. Ideal archipelagos to visit are Langkawi, Perhentian Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, and Tun Sakaran Marine Park. Hire a local guide to take you on jet skis to visit the islands in Langkawi where they will tell you stories about each of them. Have a short break relaxing on the islands’ beaches, swim in the waters, and chat with the locals and fellow visitors before heading to the next nearby island.

Island hopping in Langkawi © Emran Kassim / Flickr

Dive into the coral reefs

Take your love to the mesmerizing marine world of Malaysia’s beautiful coral reefs. Swimming hand in hand in the tranquil seas, you will be amazed by the expansive coral reefs filled with colourful corals, tropical fishes, sea turtles, and sharks. There are rental spots to get your scuba diving and snorkelling gear. The local guides will show you the basics and take you to the depths of the coral reefs. Locations where you can dive into the crystal-clear waters include Redang Island, Tioman Island, Sipadan Island, Langkawi, Perhentian Island, and Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

Scuba diving in Malaysia's beautiful coral reefs © Paul Lim / Flickr

Watch sunset views by the beaches

One of the most popular romantic activities is watching the sunset together. Admiring the sunset vistas and calm seas by the beaches is an added bonus to romance. Walk along a sandy beach and splash your feet in the waters as the sun goes down. Sip a couple of cocktails at a beach bar followed by dinner at a restaurant while enjoying the sunset views. For something simple, take a picnic, find the perfect spot on a sandy beach, sit by the sea, and just enjoy the view.

Sunset in Gaya Island © Phalinn Ooi / Flickr

Hike through the islands’ jungles

The islands also have tropical jungles for you to discover flora and fauna, and panoramic island views. Put on your hiking shoes and walk through the jungle for a real adventure. Most of the trails lead you to the beaches connected to the jungles. Penang National Park is a great place to hike and hang out at the beaches. The park is linked with Monkey Beach, Teluk Kampi, and Kerachut Beach. Hike up the steep trails in Bohey Dulang Island’s tropical rainforest where you will see the spectacular island views of Bodgaya and Tetage with clear blue sea at the viewpoint.

The viewpoint of Bohey Dulang Island © johnjodeery / Flickr

Enjoy the local delicacies

Indulge your food cravings with the delicious flavours of Malaysian food. There are nearly always a couple of restaurants and food stalls where you can grab a bite before continuing your island activities. After long days at the beach, treat you and your partner to a romantic dinner at the beach resort. Savour fresh grilled seafood and authentic cuisine prepared by the local chefs. At some locations it’s possible to make a booking for a private dining experience with beach views and splashing waves. Visit the markets in Langkawi and Batu Ferringhi if you are in the mood for local street food.

Local comfort food at Gaya Island Resort © Phalinn Ooi / Flickr

Dance the night away

Put on your best outfit and head to the popular beach bars in the islands. You’ll find music being played by live musicians as well as DJs. Start off by drinking cocktails then find a live fire show, performed by the locals outside many beach bars. As the atmosphere start to heat up, it’s time to get on the dance floor and move to the beat. Whether it is EDM, salsa, jazz, or R&B, you’ll find somewhere that suits your groove.

Take flight across the sky and sea, parasailing and ziplining

You could always get adventurous by parasailing or ziplining. It is an eye-opening experience to view the tropical islands from above and across the sea. Fly together with a parachute, attached to a speedboat, taking you to great heights with amazing views across the horizon, truly unforgettable. We recommend parasailing at Langkawi, Manukan Island , and Sapi Island. Zipline together with your partner to see the amazing island views and crystal clear waters in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. We suggest taking a 250m Flying Fox ride from Gaya Island and Sapi Island at Coral Flyer.