5 Startups to Watch Out For in Kuala Lumpur

Startup |© Dennis Skley / Flickr
Startup |© Dennis Skley / Flickr
Photo of Sarah Anne Lee
14 March 2017

Startup businesses have been the boom of the newer generation entrepreneurs as of late. Focusing on a wholesome concept—to make life easier for fellow locals—many new businesses have been on the rise, constructed out of necessity and passion projects. From catering to corporate needs to personal entertainment, here are five new entrepreneur businesses to look out for.

Pott Glasses

Self-described as a business customizing spectacles with a mamak twist, Pott Glasses functions specifically to tailor glasses to the customer’s most detailed needs. The brainchild of two life-long friends, Pott is the result of combining each other’s expertise—engineering and opticianry. Starting off with limited funding and a big idea, the duo ventured from small event stalls to testing the waters of online marketing. Offering free trials via delivery to customers to find the perfect frame for their face, Pott has gained success within its two years of kick-starting and now proudly owns two flagship stores in the Klang Valley region alongside their online options. The door-to-door try on service still is a winning point and the duo have also introduced a donation system that supplies glasses to the underprivileged with every sale.

Happy Bunch

Proclaiming to be the first floral arranging service to not be limited to a specific delivery day, Happy Bunch offers a week-long service to bring smiles via flowers, a notion too good to die out, according to its founders. Run by two mothers on a mission to keep the tradition of flower-gifting alive, this flower delivery subscription service is a beautiful way to show your loved ones the old romantic in you. Priding in achieving over 30,000 bunches curated and delivered in over a year, Happy Bunch provides pre-arranged flower bouquets available for order for any special personal occasion or daily affair. Their trademark gurney sack wrapping brings a fresh and rustic quality to the flower combinations, adding something extra beyond the normal plastic ribbon wrapping all larger scale florists offer as an environmentally-friendly bonus. The flower arrangements differ each day, leaving a batch of new combinations and selections fresh for picking.


A startup dedicated to helping other startups and corporate businesses, Saltycustoms is the business to contact for custom-designed production of company T-shirts. The first of its kind in Asia, Saltycustoms goes above and beyond regular T-shirt businesses by also offering apparel consultants to help patrons form the best design they have in mind should the sample design template aids not suffice. Offering a range of ten to 10,000 pieces per order, thrisk-takingng founders are reaping great rewards with the large amount of branded partnerships they receive.


Its concept may be common, but its service definitely stands out from other makeup and beauty e-commerce websites. Founded by two males who knew next to nothing about beauty products, they managed to wrap their heads around the problem that many of their female friends had—buying cheaper alternatives of makeups that were of questionable quality—and come up with an immediate hands-on solution: to take up providing affordable makeup themselves. Now they are a sizable company with clientele all over Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley, operating with brand deals from premiere beauty labels, and offering products with great deal pricing. Hermo showcases mostly Asian suppliers, bringing attention to closer-to-home manufacturers. Watch out for their latest venture into men’s range of beauty products!

Bookish Bundle

This book subscription service deserves more attention than it is getting. Run by the very young members of Malaysian book club MyBibliomaniacs, this quarterly available book-themed parcel has yet to hit big time in the market, but its slow growing number of devoted subscribers keep it running. Offering very affordable and fun packages of a book with locally-sourced talents contributing handmade goodies, this startup remains a passion project of the youthful entrepreneurs who are still finishing their studies. Scoring a deal with book distributors, Bookish Bundle ensures that with each parcel comes the best sellers that highlight the corresponding theme.

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