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Image © Amanda Suarez
Image © Amanda Suarez
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The Global Anthology: Laos – Luxembourg

Picture of Culture Trip
Updated: 2 August 2017
Stories from our Global Anthology: Laos – Latvia – Lebanon – Lesotho – Liberia – Libya – Liechtenstein – Lithuania – Luxembourg

Outhine Bounyavong | Wrapped-Ash Delight
Translated by Bounheng Inversin and Daniel Duffy | Originally published on SEA

Nora Ikstena | Naģe
Translated by Margita Gailitis | Originally published in Trafika Europe

Rabee Jaber | from The Birds of Holiday Inn
Translated by Ghenwa Hayek | Excerpted on Banipal

Refiloe Mabejane | The Bang
Originally published on Munyori Literary Journal

Saah Millimono | The Story of a Poor Liberian Girl
Originally published on the Daily Observer

Ibrahim al-Koni | The Right Course
Translated by William Maynard Hutchins | Published on Words Without Borders

Iren Nigg | from Wording the Places Oneself
Translated by Marissa Grünes | Excerpted for the European Union Prize for Literature

Paulina Pukyté | from Their Habits
Translated by Romas Kinka | Originally published courtesy of & Other Stories

Tullio Forgiarini | from Amok
Translated by Tom Johanns | Excerpted for the European Union Prize for Literature