Jordan, Middle East

Jordan, Middle East


You don't need to spend much time exploring the otherworldly landscapes of Jordan to see why it has become a favoured haunt for huge Hollywood productions. Its Wadi Rum desert has stood in as the backdrop for sci-fi blockbusters from The Martian, to Dune, and various Star Wars productions.

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An impressive CV, no? There is a reason that this awe-inspiring environment has become Earth's go-to representation of a far away desert planet, fictional or non-fictional. There is something all-encompassing about it, perhaps it's the vastness, or maybe it's simply the incomparable beauty that really does transport you to another world. The same can be said for much of Jordan, from the ancient city of Petra to the Dead Sea, there is nowhere else on Earth quite like it, which is probably why it's so easy to believe that this place is from a galaxy far, far away.

Unsurprisingly, then, Jordan is an adventurer's paradise. But who can guide you through this epic quest? Well, that's what we're here for. Culture Trip, along with the help of our knowledgeable Local Insider's, will show you Jordan in all its rugged beauty as you discover hidden gems and embrace the country's fascinating culture. We'll take you hiking, and goat herding, through Wadi Rum, where you'll stay with a local Bedouin family and learn how to make Arabic coffee, cook goat meat in the desert and even milk a camel. We'll take you wild camping on Mount Haron, snorkelling in the Red Sea and floating in the Dead Sea.

Avoid the crowds as we take you through the backdoor of pink Nabataean city Petra, a Unesco World Heritage site, and embrace the crowds of capital Amman as we show you the very best of the city's thriving culinary scene, with street food and winery tours on the menu. We'll even take you on a sunset Red Sea cruise, where you'll spot tropical fish and gaze into the distance at Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia, just to remind yourself that you are indeed, still on planet Earth.

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