Best Themed Cafés In Tokyo Worth Visiting

You'll find delicious sweet treats at Moomin Bakery and Café
You'll find delicious sweet treats at Moomin Bakery and Café | © Kentaro Ohno / Flickr
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Tokyo Writer19 December 2016

Themed cafés take the coffee and dining experience to the next level in Japan’s capital. Whether you’re into vampires and maids or lizards and video games, Tokyo has a novelty café experience waiting for you. Here are the city’s best themed cafés.

Cure Maid Café

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A maid café is a fun experience for people of all ages. Cure Maid Café has the honor of being the first of its kind in Tokyo. It’s toned down compared to similar establishments, which makes it a good experience for first-timers. There’s no cover charge for a table and you won’t be called goshujin-sama (master), but they host special events and do their best to make sure everyone feels special.

Vampire Café

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This quirky café has a staff of undead maids ready to wait tables. Vampire Café does a good job of setting the restaurant’s mood with spooky music, plenty of black and red décor, and dim lighting fit for a crypt. There’s a small cover charge, but the atmosphere and experience make it worth it.

Alice In A Labyrinth

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The creators of the Vampire Café, Diamond Dining, are also behind this unique Alice In Wonderland-themed café. Take a trip through the looking glass and immerse yourself in one of the world’s most beloved fairy tales. With thoughtful, stylish and quirky décor, Alice In A Labyrinth will appeal even to those who’ve never heard of Alice’s adventures.

Hapineko Café

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Cat at Hapineko | © Iris/Flick
Cat at Hapineko | © Iris/Flickr
Cat cafés are the perfect solution for anyone who can’t fully commit to pet ownership. Check out Hapineko Café for one-on-one time with the café’s growing family of cute cats. The café is set up like an apartment living room, so you and the cats can feel at home.

Soineya Tinker Bell

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Soineya means ‘Sleep Together Shop’, and that’s exactly what Tinker Bell provides. Tired and lonely working males can pay around 6,000 yen per hour to nap next to one of the female staffers. Absolutely no contact is allowed, however, and this is strictly enforced. Soineya hasn’t forgotten about the women of Tokyo, however – they offer a rent-a-boyfriend service known as Soineya Prime.

Moomin Bakery And Cafe

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Moomin Bakery And Café
You'll find delicious sweet treats at Moomin Bakery and Café | © Kentaro Ohno / Flickr
Moomin Bakery And Café takes a new approach to accommodating solo diners. They’re paired with enormous Moomin stuffed animals, so they won’t really be eating alone. What is a Moomin? These hippo-like creatures are from a Swedish/Finnish comic strip series, but their cute round bodies and friendly faces earn them universal appeal.

Yokohama Subtropical Teahouse

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Iguana | © Christian Mehlführer/WikiCommons
Yokohama Subtropical Teahouse will have you dining among tortoises, snakes and lizards. This reptile-themed café just south of Tokyo in Yokohama, keeps most of the animals in cages for hygiene’s sake, but a few lizards and tortoises are available for petting. True to its name, there’s also a wide variety of tea available for purchase.

ARTNIA by Square Enix

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ARTNIA in Shinjuku, Tokyo
ARTNIA in Shinjuku, Tokyo | © Wirtz/WikiCommons

The company behind the beloved Final Fantasy video game franchise has its own café in Tokyo. At ARTNIA, order your latte in a souvenir Chocobo mug, eat Moogle-stamped pancakes, or sundaes with famed series swords sticking out of them. The café also has a shop selling official merchandise. Square Enix recently opened a second game-focused café which will rotate themes depending on the latest releases.

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