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Tokyo Station in a snowfall | © OiMax/WikiCommons
Tokyo Station in a snowfall | © OiMax/WikiCommons
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Tokyo's First November Snow In 54 Years

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Tokyo Writer
Updated: 25 November 2016
Tokyo is no stranger to snow, but the city’s first snowfall of the season, or hatsu-yuki, came more than a month earlier than usual this year.

Residents were taken by surprise yesterday (November 24th) when a smattering of snow – enough to stick to roofs and trees and cause minor delays on the public transit systems – came down on the city. The last time it snowed at this time of year was in 1962.

But what’s even more impressive is the snow’s staying power. Yesterday’s weather is the first recorded November snow to accumulate on the ground in Tokyo. But for better or for worse, the snow wasn’t here to stay. The unseasonal cold front over the city quickly let up, allowing the sun to make an appearance today and help melt the snow. Temperatures are back to slightly below seasonal – and residents are left wondering what the early snowfall could mean for the winter season ahead.

☃️ Yesterday it snowed. It wasn't warm.

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