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Decorative wrapping supplies | © congerdesign/Pixabay
Decorative wrapping supplies | © congerdesign/Pixabay
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Tokyo Opens a Café for the Etsy Generation

Picture of Alicia Joy
Tokyo Writer
Updated: 11 July 2017
Tokyo’s newest café is an unusual combo. This tribute to the do-it-yourself generation lets you to pick up wrapping and crafting supplies while sampling coffee and pastries from the second-floor concept café.

Wrapple: Café and shop

Shimojima, a gift wrap and stationery supplies wholesaler, has opened a café and shop in Shibuya’s Udagawa-cho called Wrapple Wrapping & DIY + Cafe. On the second floor, the café will offer coffee, tea, and a variety of baked treats from local vendors along with weekly DIY and handicraft workshops. The first floor is devoted to handicrafts and will include over 2000 products, mainly gift-wrapping supplies like ribbons, masking tape, craft bags, and decorative stamps.

The DIY Generation

Despite’s Tokyo’s reputation for advanced technology and innovative gadgets, old-fashioned crafting and DIY-ing are more popular than ever. According to Shimojima, the number of girls who love handmade accessories is increasing. People are going to back to basics and appreciating the uniqueness and quality of handmade products. And with social media and online marketplaces making it even easier to bring crafters’ creations to consumers, the rise in popularity of handmade goods can only go up.

Gift-wrapping in Japan

Shimojima’s slogan is “wrap your dreams and connect everybody’s heart.” In Japan, people are especially attentive to the presentation and wrapping of gifts. There are also more occasions where giving handmade gifts is common, especially among young people. On White Day, for example, some girls opt to make their own chocolates rather than buy them. The only time handmade gifts are not appreciated is when the recipient is someone you don’t know very well, such as in a professional setting.

Shimojima’s flagship storefront is Wrapple in Fukuoka. Wrapple Wrapping & DIY + Cafe is the company’s first café and shop hybrid.

Wrapple Wrapping & DIY + Cafe 12-17 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan