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Tokyo 101: How to Order Ramen from a Vending Machine

Picture of Culture Trip
Updated: 31 March 2017
Japan takes the crown as having the highest density of vending machines in the world - the quirky and strange machines are a sight to behold. TOKYO 101 takes us deeper into Japanese culture, giving us the essential guide to Tokyo life.

Ramen noodles ラーメン

Location: Ki ta-Ageo

Price: ¥250 ($2.21)

With a vending machine on every road, street and alleyway of Tokyo’s sprawling city-scape, it’s impossible to spend time in the city without encountering one. As one of the most population-dense countries in the world, Japanese companies have sought out ways of distributing their goods that are cheaper than setting up a shop.

Enter the vending machine. From live crabs to ice-cream, the variation of items you can buy from a vending machine is impressively diverse and growing rapidly. You can now buy freshly cooked ramen by simply clicking a few buttons on a noodle dispensing robot. The ramen is heated to a high temperature and served in a bowl. Once you’re done, make sure you dispose the remains of your meal into the for-purpose bucket.