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Shibuya, Tokyo | © chib cruz/Flickr
Shibuya, Tokyo | © chib cruz/Flickr
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This Billboard in Shibuya Stumps 100% of People Who Try to Read it

Picture of Alicia Joy
Tokyo Writer
Updated: 23 March 2017
A mysterious billboard has popped up in Tokyo’s Shibuya with a message hidden inside. It has turned out to be an unsolvable riddle even the locals can’t decipher.

Pretz’s cryptic billboard has the residents of Tokyo stumped. Encoded into the signage is a message that Pretz wants to share with the world. However, that’s the only clue. Pretz is nicknaming this code DAIGO, literally “DAI language,” as indicated by the billboard’s hashtag. It is a play on words, since they’ve also given the campaign’s mascot the name Daigo. The DAIGO can be deciphered by discovering which word each letter stands for. Pretz introduces the concept in this commercial.

It’s obvious that the big red P is a hint that it stands for Pretz, but what about everything else? If you can’t figure out Pretz’s message, don’t feel bad – you’re certainly not the only one. Japanese media company CuRAZY interviewed people on the street to find the message hidden in the mysterious billboard, and they too came up empty-handed.

Pretz rolled out the billboard as part of their new campaign, which includes social media hashtags, online comic riddles for ambitious puzzlers to solve, and brand new cryptic packaging for their pretzel stick snacks. Luckily, Pretz has now included a cipher on their official website for anyone curious enough to find out.