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These Beautiful Japanese Brides Make a Stunning Case for Minimalism

Picture of India Doyle
Updated: 15 March 2017
Brides in Japan often have to change up to five times during their wedding ceremony, but it’s their first outfit that has us enthralled.

Traditional bridal wear in Japan includes far more elaborate headwear than that of the traditional Western veil, yet remains more minimalist in its rendering than traditional wedding attire in India or Pakistan.

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Worn in traditional Shinto ceremonies, the ornate hat known as tsuno-kakushi (or horn hider) is meant to conceal the horns of jealous demons, symbolising to the woman’s husband-to-be and extended family that she is ready to become an obedient wife.

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The tsuno-kakushi is worn with a white kimono and a white accessories. The traditional outfit is known as a shiromuku.

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Although the ceremony is now far less popular than it was a decade ago in Japan, Shinto weddings remain a magnificent spectacle, and make a case for channelling a refined, minimalist style wherever you’re from.

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