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Cocktails in Japan I ©
Cocktails in Japan I © Matt_Weibo/Flickr
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The Top Bars In Doyama-cho, Osaka

Picture of Christina Nhu
Updated: 9 February 2017
Doyama-cho is a district in the Umeda part of Osaka, Japan, and is the vibrant gay area of the region offering a plethora of places in which to grab an ice-cold beer or colorful cocktail. Restaurants, massage parlors, hotels and karaoke clubs abound here too, and with many friendly locals and reasonable price tags. Here’s our guide to the top bars in the area.
Cocktails in Japan I © Matt_Weibo/Flickr
Cocktails in Japan I | © Matt_Weibo/Flickr
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Jack In The Box

Jack in the Box is a small, men-only karaoke club which attracts a young and stylish group of guys. A hip place in which to hang out in Doyama-cho, the drink selection here includes beer, cocktails and a number of whiskey varieties as well as soft drinks. There are themed party evenings here every second Saturday of the month.

Address and telephone: B1F Daikichi Building, 12-12 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku (Shinmidosuji & Miyakojima) Osaka 530-0027 Doyama-cho +81 06/6361-3271

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Frenz-Frenzy is Osaka’s most popular gay bar, owned and managed by Paul, or Sarichan, an extremely friendly and fun guy. This joint attracts a very mixed, very international crowd, and offers cheap drinks, free karaoke and free wifi. Always pulsating with the latest dance music, it has also been known to be a star-studded venue, and past visitors have included Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton.

Address and Telephone: 1F Nippo Higashi Hankyu Leisure Building, 8-14 Kamiyama-Cho, Kita-ku (Shinmidosuji & Miyakojima) Doyama-cho +81 06/6311-1386

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Explosion is a well-established landmark of Osaka’s gay community, and is a joint which operates as a bar during the weekdays and a lively club at the weekends. The place in the area in which to practice your dance moves, a typical sight here is an enthusiastic dance-off between excited customers, a colorful cocktail in hand, of course.

Address and Telephone: B1 Sanyo-Kaikan, 8-23 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku (Shinmidosuji & Miyakojima)
Osaka Doyama-cho
+81 06/6312-5003

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Bar Bacchus

Bar Bacchus, owned by a Korean-Canadian, is brimming with inexpensive drinks and oozes a warm, cozy atmosphere. This joint offers a delicious and varied menu of authentic Asian snacks, including a wide variety of noodles and dumplings. A top choice for more of a quiet drink and a small plate of food to go with it.

Address and phone: 3F Daini-shouei Kaikan, 6-14 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku (Shinmidosuji & Miyakojima)
Osaka Doyama-cho
+81 06/6361-2366

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Physique Pride Osaka

Physique Pride Osaka is one of Doyama-cho’s most popular bars for foreign tourists. The atmosphere here is energetic and friendly, and special events held weekly really draw the crowds. Dont miss the karaoke competitions or shot nights. Choose from a wide variety of spirits, beer and wines here, and, impressively, this establishment actively campaigns to increased HIV awareness in the area.

Address and phone: 1F Sanyo-Kaikan, 8-23 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku (Shinmidosuji & Miyakojima)
Osaka 530-0027 Doyama-cho
+81 06/6361-2430