The Best Vegan Restaurants in Osaka

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Osaka Hub Writer2 July 2018

It may have taken a little longer than in the West for the vegan craze to catch on in Japan, but now that it has, related restaurants are appearing faster than an avocado can go bad. Here are the best vegan eats in Osaka.

Shizen Bar Paprika Shokudou Vegan

Restaurant, Japanese, Italian, $$$
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There’s a lot to like about Paprika. The atmosphere is pleasant and the location convenient. It’s easily recognizable by its cute and charming Italian exterior. Inside, tasty Japanese and Italian (or a fusion) comfort food like karaage (fried chicken, although in this case not actually chicken) rice bowls and yakiniku (grilled meat) pizza are served. There is an English menu as well as English speaking staff.

Base Island Kitchen & 焼き菓子工房 ジャマイカ食堂

Restaurant, Jamaican, $$$
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This unique restaurant serves delicious vegan Jamaican tapas. While not everything on the menu is vegan, anything made with animal products is clearly marked. Not only is the food amazing but it’s quite affordable. The owner is very kind and welcoming as well.


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This small, rustic restaurant serves vegan and gluten-free Japanese food like gyoza and ramen. The okonomiyaki is great too, and perfect for vegan travelers who want to try Osaka’s specialty foods. It is run by one woman, who clearly puts a lot of love into her dishes, which she cooks herself. Megumi is very friendly to travelers: the owner speaks some English and there are English menus available.

47 Yonnana

Cafe, Restaurant, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$
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Vegan noodles. | Vegan noodles.

This cozy little café and restaurant serves up delicious food as well as a charming atmosphere. The dishes are internationally inspired ranging from Indonesian fried rice to pad thai to tofu fried chicken. Enjoy a chai tea while sitting next to shelves packed with books listening to jazz music.


Restaurant, Vegan, Vegetarian, Japanese, $$$
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Aju specializes in vegetarian and vegan Japanese and Western comfort food. Osaka favorites like okonomiyaki are on the menu, as are tasty cakes and organic alcohol. This is a small but cozy shop to hang in alone or with a group of people. It feels almost like a Japanese izakaya (pub) but with vegan-friendly options. A tiny shop selling vegan ingredients is located in the space. English menus are available.


Bar, Restaurant, Japanese, Vegan, $$$
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Though WaaGwaan is more of a bar, it’s a strong contender for the best vegan eats in Osaka. Known as a LGBTQ-friendly bar, but welcoming to all, WaaGwaan sells vegan curry and bar snacks as well as organic fruit cocktails. The wonderfully friendly owner speaks English and makes a point to support local vegan and LGBTQ initiatives.

Green Earth

Restaurant, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$
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Vegan pasta. | Vegan pasta.

One of Osaka’s oldest vegan restaurants. Green Earth is recognizable by the inviting greenery on the outside beckoning you in. There is outdoor terrace seating as well as indoor dining. Green Earth features a variety of food like pizza, burgers, and wraps for all your vegan cravings. Many of the nice staff speak English.

Le Coccole (レコッコレ)

Restaurant, Vegetarian, $$$
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This popular vegan eatery had to close last year, but recently reopened at a new location. They serve tasty organic meals and a daily seasonal lunch plate. They also make and serve amazing vegan cakes. The hours are a bit unusual, so make sure you check that they’re open before you go. Their opening hours are limited, but you can check out their food and wellness blog anytime!

Slices Bar & Cafe

Restaurant, Italian, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$
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This beloved pizza joint isn’t technically a vegan restaurant, but the chefs do their best to provide a variety of vegan options so anyone can dine here. A variety of vegan food, like pizza and fish and chips, as well as drinks are served. There are also regularly delicious vegan-friendly seasonal creations on the menu.

Vegan Berg Kitchen

Restaurant, American, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$
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Vegan burger. | Vegan burger.

This is the best place for vegans to get their burger fix. Though located in Sakai, a small city just outside of Osaka, it’s well worth the trip. The portions are large and filling, which can be frustratingly tough for a hungry vegan to find. Not only are the burgers huge, they are juicy and delicious and you can add as many toppings as you want. Try one with their signature Aurora sauce.